Better this than that

‘He cut your heart out’: Trump’s anger proves memorable

Better this than that. It is about time we have someone sitting in the Big Chair that has a good set of goolunies. It is long overdue.

There are many way to view PDT and his UNUSUAL personality/characteristics. Is he right all the time. Hell NO, who is. Is he outspoken and abrasive at times. Hell YES, who isn’t. Does he spout off at the mouth without any forethought. Absolutely yes. Just take a good look at some of his detractors and tell me what they hell they have going for themselves.

BUT, always the BIG BUT; one thing we know for certain (excluding the Boulder Rollers and the Ship of Fools) he is 110% a patriot, loves the USA, does everything in his power as the president to uphold the laws of the land, does not take no for an answer, stands up for ALL of the American people, even while he is running directly into a brick wall at times, can not be bought off, is determined to make America great once again. How he goes about these tasks maybe a little unorthodox to some but that is why he was elected. He is unorthodox.

What he has done for the economy of the USA in such a short amount of time is incredible.

I don’t see any Boulder Rollers or any passengers from the Ship of Fools bitching when they are looking at their  401 K or their stock holding. If these fools are so uptight with PDT they should not be sucking up all the $oldi they are making but yet rolling Boulders at the man.  They are stuffing themselves at the table he has created but are spitting food back at him. I would conclude; they are a bunch of hypocrites.

With every individual on this planet, we have to take the good with the bad. PDT has faults like anyone else BUT, if he was supported by all American people in his efforts, he can turn this country around and get it back to where it used to be.

I would love to know which one of the Boulder Rollers or the passengers of the Ship of Fools farts perfume or can walk on water.

The other day I said, the fools are so anti-PDT they are saying, PDT invented cancer so he can say he cured it.  It has nearly become that ridiculous.

Take a %#&@*( break fools and let the man do his job.

-cast-the-first-stone (2)

Just take a look at some of the fools that rolled Boulders at PDT. How much credibility do they have.  Madonna – Sam Jackson – Mush Mouth Moore – Killer Kathy whats her face – Colbert – Alec Baldwin – BB – many of the politicians, even in his own party; the list is endless, plus 95% of the media.


It is astounding that these fools are not intelligent enough to know that with a little co-operation, PDT will do wonders. Yet; it still is all about losing the election.  The took a good spanking and did not like how it felt.


Is he perfect? Not really, BUT is a big breath of fresh air from where we were for the last 8 years.

The repercussions of the Obama administrations bad decision making are  slowly creeping in and taking their toll. Where is Mr. O going to be when the day of reckoning pops it’s ugly head out of the swamp?

If history is told truthfully as it should be, there is going to be a lot of SOUL searching to come up with many positives for Mr. O. His may be the 1st empty presidential library.

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