When his back is against the wall …….

There is no doubt in my mind that the Kid-dick-tator will hit the Red Button at some point.  He made too many threats to back out. As we know, in that part of the world, it is all about saving face.

This guy is absolutely a certified maniac, which is bad enough but with a lot of dangerous weapons at his disposal.



A war with North Korea — the American people aren’t ready

The headlines should read; the world is not ready for

With a nut case like the KID; threats are what fuels this guys fire. He loves  them, thrives on them, they are a joke to him.  From the inception of his crusade, this entire display of insanity is nothing but a big video game to the fool.


Who else but a mentally deranged person could get pleasure and gratification out of what he is putting the world through?  I am not being pessimistic, just a realist.

There’s “no way to stop” Kim Jong Un’s regime and its missile and nuclear program, a North Korea expert told Fox News on Thursday, the warning coming amid Pyongyang’s continued threats to sink Japan and blast the U.S. “into ashes and darkness.”

Leading Seoul-based North Korea expert Andrei Lankov told Fox News that Kim Jong Un is accelerating his missile and nuclear program “much faster than anybody expected.”

There can only be one solution, sad to say. Go get him before he gets the rest of the world. It is probably one of the toughest calls to make since Hiroshima BUT to prevent WW III it may be the only solution.

It can be compared the situation of the guy that had his arm stuck between two rock. Either he cuts off his arm and saves his life or die for not making the right decision.

When a bully is ignored, hoping he will go away and not put down, he will continue to gain power and strength. The Kid should have been incinerated long before he got command of the advantage he has now.

The powers to be are attempting to put this guy in line with sanctions. That will not work. To start with, sanctions do not affect him personally whatsoever. His people, that he gives two shits about are the ones that are going to suffer.  The Kid has been living the high life for many years when a high percentage of his people live in poverty.

Explosion on London subway treated
as terrorist incident, several hurt

I see London has yet another terrorist situation on their hands.

I will continue to yell from on top of my soap box. The authorities know where many of these crazy bastards are. Just by them conspiring to overthrow the governments, they are braking the laws. Go after them before they make their move. That process may not get them all but it will put a dent in their armor. Being PC is not the answer


Being proactive is the name of the game to salvation. In so many of these attacks; after the fact, the authorities have said, they knew who these people were, they had them under surveillance but they slipped through the cracks. GET THEM BEFORE THE GET US. Don’t be foolish enough to think this is going to get better. Absolutely not.

I would say this is a great case of the tail wagging the dog. If this broad was not African-American she would have been on a slow boat to China already.

The network’s management initially considered firing Jemele Hill, the co-host of “Sports Center,” according to several ESPN staffers speaking on a not-for-attribution basis. Then the brass considered suspending the African-American journalist, but decided against that too, the staffers said.

Next, management asked Hill to apologize. She countered by questioning whether she was being ordered to apologize for the Trump tweets or just asked to apologize. When told it was the latter, she refused, according to these sources.

Finally, ESPN tried to yank Hill from “Sports Center” on Wednesday night. But this effort failed as well, the sources say, as first reported by Think Progress. When her African-American co-host, Michael Smith, refused to do the show without her, and two other black hosts followed suit, the network gave in rather than using white hosts as substitutes. ESPN has denied this account.

First it is an inch – a foot – a yard – then a mile. I think everyone gets the drift.  The tail is now wagging the dog. Get some balls ESPN. Set a standard and an example. As I said yesterday; they knew who this piece of work was when they hired her. ESPN is pathetic.

I just said it. First it an inch – a foot – a yard – then a mile.  Someone should bitch slap these school leaders.

There are a lot of patriotic students at Vista Del Lago High School in Folsom, California. So you can imagine their shock when they were warned that chanting “U-S-A” at sporting events and pep rallies could appear to be inappropriate and intolerant.

These school officials need to be taken into the school yard and given a good ass whipping. They are supposed to be educators??? I don’t think so.

The real truth of what goes on in some nursing home, even under ideal conditions, is never told. That INDUSTRY has to be one of the worst regulated in the country. It is a sin what happens to our abandon/forgotten seniors.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has introduced a “Rabbit Plan” that encourages people to start eating rabbits rather than keep them as pets in a bid to tackle the country’s food shortages.


I can just imagine what is on his plate at dinner time.  You can bet your sweet booty ain’t index

Instead of Maduro trying to get his country back to so sort of normalcy, he is telling them to eat their pets. Next it will be Fido or Kitty Kitty.

There is a psycho born every second.

The word NONE speaks volumes!!

Talk about the power of sports and the stupidity of the judicial system.

I can’t help but wonder if his dis-honorable was driving a Volkswagen yesterday and a Bentley today?

So much for the victims justice. This has to be the biggest insult the rape victim can receive.

What a sad story. It goes to show us that the old cliche; don’t defecate where you masticate can be very prophetic.


A man who was jumping rooftops in La Puente, evading police for nearly five hours, was finally stopped when a man who lives in the home he was on top of actually climbed up and threw him off the roof on Tuesday.

The moment was captured in a cellphone video that shows 83-year-old Wilford Burgess climbing up a ladder onto the roof of his home, first approaching the man and then pushing him off.

Don’t ever count the old timers out. Good job Dad.

Is it fair that the Dreamers be sent back to the Mother Land? Life is not fair. If the USA does not enforce the laws as they exist, not picking and choosing, we would be a lot worse off then we are already; if that is possible.

PDT is trying to enforce the laws of the land that have been used, abused and neglected for so long. It is an daunting task.

History making Indians. “C” Town may see a World Series this year after a very long cold spell. The last World Series win was 69 year ago in 1948.

I don’t see anything wrong with the word ignorant, because they absolutely are.  The rest of the comment was unnecessary.

To ban the season ticket holder, I think is a little extreme. BUT, based on the mentality of sports teams these days, it does not surprise me.

As the world turns; that is a rap.



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