Calling Out White Supremacy Comes With Consequences For Black Folks

Shouldn’t it have consequences? Are there any consequences if a white FOLK makes a racial against a black FOLK. You bet you sweet little booty there is.

Take off the halo Mr. Jones, don’t try to put the whole thing on the honkies. Every fool that partakes in bigotry is as guilty as the next. .

I can tell you from where I sit; I believe that the  blacks are far more prejudice then the whites are. Why may you ask. There is a particular, passive/non-combative white culture out there that eats and sleeps being PC, only because it is fashionable. These white FOLKS stand on their heads and gargle peanut butter to conform/sympathize or agree with the black community. Many of them capitulate, not because they totally agree with the cause but because they are wondering sheep craving to be part of a movement.

Do the blacks have good causes for their feelings in many cases??  They most certainly do IF they want to keep living in the past.  I must agree that there still are issues that exist today that are in dire need need of repair. Those situations should be on the top of the to do list for our government. Any intelligent person knows, we can not change history but we can make a better tomorrow. Intelligent is the key word.

There can’t ever be any progress in that direction if people insist on reliving the past. Don’t forget the past but use it as a barometer on what not to do in the future. To me that is very logical. Living in the past is counter productive.


This hatred thing between races will never cool off until there is no white or black race. I will call it the COMBO race. Sounds like a very appropriate handle to me. Kind of has a ring to it. COMBO race. Not black, not white but COMBO.

The COMBO race is creeping up on us like a slow moving fog in the night.  Possibly; all of the subliminal cramming the media is doing MAY have a positive effect 50 years from now.

Everyone laughed and became irritated at the recording years back; press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish. It did not take too may years until that message became reversed in may areas. 1 for Spanish and 2 for English.

Point being; what was ABSOLUTELY taboo years ago (mixed couples) has become more and more prevalent and accepted by many. That can be the answer to long range to peace between the races.  What used to be punishable by lynching in this country just a few years back is as common place as peanut butter and jelly. Is it a good thing? That all depends on who is asked. BUT it may be the answer to race relations.

If mankind can hang in there long enough without killing one-other, possible what was taboo way back, COMBO will be the salvation in the future??

Mr Jones has to understand; racial slurs by anyone, white – black – yellow, green or COMBO should not be tolerated. Think what you want BUT watch your mouth boys and girls!!

This princess Jemele Hill should not be given a pass because of her skin color. If the situation was reversed, there would have been no question as to the end result. There would have been demonstratings all over the country and needless to say; all of the white PC-ers would be standing tall on the picket lines.

That one way bus ticket out of town I talked about yesterday, still has her name on it.



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