BB’s violin needs to be put in mothballs

BB has been playing the same old losing tune on her broken violin for so long, I think the sheep that follower her are getting sick of it.

Gregg Jarrett beat me out. Yesterday I only could come up with 35 reasons she got stomped.

  1. Sexism
  2. Racism
  3. Misogyny
  4. Xenophobia
  5. Suburban women
  6. James Comey
  7. FBI
  8. Russians
  9. Vladimir Putin
  10. WikiLeaks
  11. DNC
  12. Barack Obama
  13. Joe Biden
  14. Bernie Sanders
  15. Anthony Weiner
  16. Electoral College
  17. Polling Data
  18. Cable News
  19. New York Times
  20. Fake News
  21. Bots
  22. Facebook
  23. Twitter
  24. Netflix
  25. TV Executives
  26. ‘Anti-American forces’
  27. Democrat documentaries
  28. Low information voters
  29. People wanting change
  30. People who assumed she’d win
  31. Republican Party
  32. “Content farms in Macedonia’
  33. Infowars
  34. Goosefer
  35. DC Leaks
  36. Jill Stein
  37. Steve Bannon
  38. Voter ID laws
  39. Chief Justice John Roberts
  40. KS Sec. of State, Kris Kobach
  41. Citizens United
  42. Colluding Trump officials
  43. Benghazi

BB left out one major fact. She should have put a muzzle on her old man and had him locked up while she was campaigning. Wild Bill did her more harm than good.

It still boggles my mind that this guy and BB (Bill’s Bride) have made well over 150 million dollar$ on speaking engagements. There is not one thing that Wild Bill can advise me on with the exception of MAYBE where he buys his rubbers. That might interest me.

Silence is golden should have been top priority on this topic.  I didn’t see anywhere the Old Gal mentioned all of the people that were killed on her watch, only that the bad press hurt her campaign. She is such a sweetheart.

The real test of any persons loyalty or friendship is where they stand when the chips are down. It is very easy for anyone to be a friend when a person is sitting on Nob Hill.  I guess BB got her answer.



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