Thou shalt not lie

Come on Joel; you of anyone should know the 10th commandment.

In this interview, the Ipana Kid tried to weasel out of not inviting victims of Harvey into his church; in his words, there are certain unsafe conditions that exist with the structure of his money making palace. He felt it was unsafe to make an invitation.


Men of the cloth?? Bull-$$$$

I would suggest; instead of blowing all that coin on his personal luxuries, he should make the necessary repairs to his church, SOOOO in he future,  when is ever called upon again by the LORD and the media, he will be prepared to do his sworn duty.

index                    7.jpg

Instead of putting his $oldi here                                       He $hould be putting it here

I wonder who Joel confesses his sins to?? Oh yeah; I forgot, he talks directly to God.



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