Moore’s kissin cousin

Gotta be related to Mush Mouth Moore

Prestigious author compares arrests of looters to ‘white supremacy’

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White supremacy my keister for Easter. Here we have another fanatic with a half a brain pictured with her 2nd cousin.  Looting has nothing to do with race, color, creed, who your grand-daddy may have been. It is a crime no matter who commits it.

Sarah Jaffe Retweeted Miami PD

good morning, the carceral state exists to protect private property and is inseparable from white supremacy

I am thoroughly convinced that screw-balls like Sarah and Mush Mouth just run their mouth so they get a little attention. They make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Intelligent people would not make statements like they do. INTELLIGENT being the key word.

Does the black community have a history of enslavement and abuse? That can not and should not ever be denied. BUT, their history has nothing to do with looting; UNLESS Jaffe wants to claim looting is part of the DNA?? Hard to tell what is between her ears.

Sarah; if you are reading the Goomba Gazette as you should be to get your facts in order. Regardless of what race a person is; if they do not do the crime,  they won’t have to do the time.


I see a couple sets of white hands in the picture. Are they just visitors??

I still say looters should be shot on site; white, black, yellow, green or aliens from across the boarders or outer-space.  Maybe not to kill them but to give them a reminding souvenir to carry around the rest of their miserable life. You know, shoot them in the leg or something, so every-time they limp they will remember; CRIME DOES NOT PAY!!!

Decent people DO NOT take advantage of their fellow man when their backs are against the wall. Maybe the looters backs should be against the wall.


Possibly if a few dozen of them sent to the big pawnshop in the sky, the other fools will think twice about stealing from people when their lives are in shambles.

Why is a spoiled brat a spoiled brat? Because they know they can get away with it.


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3 Responses to Moore’s kissin cousin

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  2. janowrite says:

    I expect Ms Jaffe does not reside in FL. And “carceral” is that even a word?

    • I looked it up earlier – just another high-breed broad trying to impress someone.

      The concept of a carceral archipelago (meaning a prison consisting of a series of islands) appears in social theorist Michel Foucault’s work on surveillance systems and their technologies over modern societies and its practice of social control and discipline over its population in all areas of social life.

      She ought to find one of those magic islands and settle there permanently

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