Shoot them on site? Laws say NO.

Horror, disgust as thieves prey on storm-ravaged fellow Floridians

A thug is a thug is a thug and should be treated like a thug. Shot on site.


It says a lot about the character of a scumbag that is breaking the law and kicking someone when they are down. There should be no leniency shown to these looting thugs.

The laws should be changed to protect home and property owners from looters. They know the law is on their side, so they will steal their grandma’s dentures because they know there are few consequences.

Lethal Force for Defense of Property?

Even in states with “Stand Your Ground” laws, it is generally not legally justifiable to shoot someone in order to protect property alone. These laws apply to provide protection to those who use force to defend themselves in the face of great bodily harm or death, not their storefronts.

Instead of the law protecting the honest citizens, the law gives the looters a license to steal by protecting them from being killed.

If that is the case, how about a good old fashioned beating with a ball bat or possibly a 2 x 4 with a spike in it?


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