Malfeasance Moore’s mush mouth

Michael Moore Likens Trump Supporters to Enablers of Rapists

For the most part; although I have been pushed to the edge a few time, I try to be very discrete with my commentary so I don’t have to stoop as low as some of the person I am blogging about.  In this case I will make an exception.

Speaking of rapists Moore; the best part of you must have ran down your old man’s leg.

This imbecile Michael Moore has to get the Oscar for being one of the most ignorant, MOTHERS on the planet. What comes out of his salacious mouth is mindbogglingly.  I think he has become more well-known for his stupidity than anything else.


Example of another brilliant statement. If this hog want to know what a coward is, he should to go into his bathroom that he uses twice a month and take a good look in the mirror.

Moore ranks right up there with Samuel Jackson – Madonna – Kathy whats her name when it comes to classless fools.

What gives this gross, over-weight, piece of human excrement the right to criticize anyone the way he does is way beyond me.


Supporters of Trump are enablers of rapists?? You have to be kidding.  This slob not only is bad rapping the Commander-in Chief with his uncouth comments, he is directly insult millions of good Americans, many of whom went to war to defend his sorry fat ass?

I have to assume that CNN knew in advance exactly what the topic of conversation was going to be when Mush Mouth Moore was interviewed by one of their ACES and allowed it. They are as disgraceful as he is.

When the hell is this insanity going to end??

During the Obama administration, there were multitudes of infractions and illogical circumstances that deserved severe criticism but in most cases they were tucked under the rug because of who Obama was.

I am always in favor of holding anyone’s feet to the fire if they deserve it, but for maniacs like Moore and all of his cousins to go to the extremes as they do, it is totally unacceptable.  As far as I am concerned, it only demonstrates the ignorance of the passengers sailing on the Ship of Fools.


Someone should pour a couple of yards of concrete in the cavern he has sitting in his shoulders, hog tie the hog and lock in in a pig pen. Sorry to dirty up your pen pigs!!

ONE MORE TIME: Some day when a terrorists has a kabar at the throat of this slob, getting ready to saw his head off; he will be calling out for PDT; PLEASE SAVE MY FAT ASS MR. PRESIDENT.

Someday I would really like to tell you what I think.

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