Ask him no questions, he will tell you no lies

Steve Bannon hints at war within GOP, lashes out at Bush administration ‘idiots’ and mainstream media

By all appearances, Steve Bannon is not the run of the mill Joe Schmow  that can be bamboozled, pushed around and manipulated easily. The man has a good set of goolunies.

In this day and age with those types of attributes (some may call them detractors) they can get a person into a lot of hot water, especially if they are not on the majorities team. Bannon is not.  It is so easy to get in line and become a sheep but takes special people to be their own man or women despite adversity and public opinion.

His is an outspoken guy with a lot of political and business savvy that has been around the block many time. Bannon has quite the resume. He goes from media giant, part-time politicians, movie producer, financial wizard and has been successful in most of his undertakings, except the marriage thing; that he tried 3 times. He will not be manipulated, pushed around or intimidated by the Boulder Rollers.

Bannon is one of the reason PDT is sitting in the Big Chair today.  He came on the scene when Donald Trump didn’t know Tuesday from Saturday and helped push the billionaire non-politician over the top to beat the over-confident Clinton Machine.

Looking at the guy, it would not surprise you if you saw him in a local gin mill shooting the shit with a bunch of steel workers, while drinking shots of Governors Club and washing them down with an ice cold Rolling Rock.


No pretenses about the man.  He is the kind of guy that rather walk bare footed on hot coals than were a tie.

Bannon recently got his hat from his day to day working relationship with PDT for various reasons but is still a staunch supported of the president.

There are people in the Big House, including family that are big influences on PDT he bumped heads with and that may be part of the reason Bannon is no longer a fixture in the Casa Bianca.

Regardless of ones convictions, people like Bannon have to be admired for being 100%. It is not an easy task being 100% in this day and age especially with all of the PC-nonsense going on.

Anyone that has a backbone, a good set of goolunies, is opinionated and not tied in with the jack-ass party, has a very hard way to go.


His interview with 60 Minutes gives the viewer a good assessment of what the man is all about.

It is extremely hard for some people to accept the facts as they are, especially when the world is not spinning in their direction.  The USA up to its neck in alligators and some people do not want to see its reality. Sticking their heads in the sand, pretending they do not exist and hoping situations improve by themselves, rarely happens. The ONLY way to confront adversity is head on, using good common-sense, honesty and true grit.

That is what Steve Bannon is all about.

Is anyone one perfect? gg-logo-80x80[1] Depends on who you ask.

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