The Fox-ers in the hen house

Eric Bolling out at Fox News after report of lewd text messages

It may be something in the coffee at Fox that these high-flying Fox-ers are drinking. With so many of the boarder crossers/offenders in one place, there has to be something wrong with the tea in China.

I don’t ever recall any new one media that employed as many horny old men as Fox has.



On April 19, 2017, Fox News announced they had canceled The O’Reilly Factor due to sexual harassment claims made against Bill O’Reilly. Earlier that month, a New York Times article revealed how Fox News helped O’Reilly reach settlements estimated around $13 million with five women who had complained about his inappropriate behavior. The news of his settlements caused more than 50 advertisers leaving his show with women’s rights groups demanding his firing.


Fox News’ chief White House correspondent Ed Henry left the network following the revelation of an extramarital affair he was having. The scandal rocked the network and forced them to make Henry “take a break.” Fox News issued a statement reading: “We recently became aware of Ed’s personal issues and he’s taking some time off to work things out.” But there has been no return date settled upon. Henry had an affair with a Las Vegas hostess behind his wife’s back for six years. 


Fox News Channel suspended Eric Bolling, a host and contributor whose on-air presence at the 21st Century Fox-owned network had been growing in recent months, after allegations surfaced that he had harassed colleagues at the cable-news network. He is the latest in a number of Fox News personnel to have become embroiled in controversy.


Jamie Horowitz’s dismissal Monday came about a week after Fox began investigating allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace in its sports division. The company interviewed several women at L.A.-based Fox Sports about Horowitz’s behavior, according to a person familiar with the investigation who was not authorized to publicly discuss it


Fox Business Network host Charles Payne has been suspended while 21st Century Fox investigates sexual harassment allegations made against him, the company confirmed Thursday night.


Top Fox-er at FOX, got the axe for sexual harassment.

I don’t know how many of these incidents are false, if any.

Throughout history, there have been many Fox-ers in high positions that assume that they are God’s gift to women. The majority of them, couldn’t get laid in a whore house with a 1,000 dollar bill. They have to resort to using their positions of power and force themselves on the ladies.

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It has always been my contention; even if a HOOKER does not, as they say, give IT up, they don’t want to give it up. No means no.

I feel sorry for the people that have been falsely accused and had to fight to clear their name. BUT for people like Dr. Huxtable and perverts like Anthony “The Wiener” Weiner, they are in a completely category and have severe mental issues.

Grow up fellas. If you feel the need and can not resist, instead of forcing yourself on the ladies; take things into your own hands!!!

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  1. jimallega says:

    So they want some extra trim, big deal

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