Nervous NFL

The NFL has some concerns with the waning popularity and attendance of their sport.

Between all of the aggravating commercials, the time-outs, the instant replays, watching the exhibitionists doing their dance in the end zone but most of all the anti-American fools that either turn their back to the flag, kneel or sit when the anthem is being played, watching a football is not as pleasurable as it once was.

All of these issues combined into one big pot has turned a lot of fans to not watching the games.  I was able to handle most of the boredom but when the unpatriotic/anti-American players decided to follow that fool Kaperdick over the disrespect cliff, I had enough of them.


As far as I am concerned; if the NFL went broke it would not bother me in the least. If the owners and the NFL had any balls, they would insist that their prima-donnas players show the respect that our flag deserves.

I can just imagine what the foreigners think of the USA when they see such displays of anti-American behavior. The USA is a joke to most of the world as it is; this just helps them reinforce their opinions.

I am still trying to figure out, why NFL commissioner Roger “The Dodger” Goodell makes 34 million a year plus additional perks.  What the hell does the guy do? Anyone of authority that was a good American, who had the power to put an end to this display of ignorance as some of the players are showing, and does not take action, they are disgraceful.

To the commissioner – owners and players, should start showing some respect and gratitude to the country that made all of the fools super wealthy.


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