Bad aim fellas

Merkel hit with tomato during campaign rally in Germany

One of the tomatoes thrown at Minnie hit her in the hip and another one hit the moderator. Better luck next time fellas!!.

What kind of fool would invite over 1,000,000 immigrants to their home for a permanent stay without thorough vetting the first? That is exactly what Minnie Merkel did last year.

Yesterday a small group of instigators at a campaign rally blew whistles and shouted at Merkel during her speech -– protesting Merkel’s policy of open borders that led to the arrival of at least 1 million unvetted migrants into the country.

The demonstrators were heard calling the German leader a “liar” and “betrayer of her people.”

I say they should have been throwing watermelons instead of tomatoes.

A couple examples of how the immigration policy has affected Germany:

Based on that track record, who in their right mind would continue with their same practices?

I would say that it is the greatest act of kindness in the world anyone can do is to help other people in need. BUT, at what cost and not at the expense of putting their own families in jeopardy.

All of the politicians around the  world that make the same mistake as Minnie has,  are subjecting the citizens of their country to undue and unnecessary conditions that would not have existed if it were not for their liberal-ridiculous stands on the illegal immigrant.

If the decision makers are such bleeding hearts, why is it that NONE of them have opened their OWN palace doors and had a few hundred of the immigrants move in with them for a few years??

Politicians around the world are all the same; &^%$ed up. As long as their decisions do not impact them directly, their family and cronies, they could give 2 shits less about the people in their country they are supposed to represent.

Maybe at the next rally Minnie puts on, the demonstrators will show up with water-melon cannons.

The ignorance of politicians around the world never ceases to amaze me.


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