What is in it for the Judo Guy??

It is no big secret that The Judo Guy doesn’t do anything without an end motive. What is his game now. I believe that he is getting ready to slam another opponent to the mat.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that sanctions are not enough to resolve the North Korean nuclear crisis, urging that dialogue is need to achieve progress.


Putin made the comments after meeting with his South Korean counterpart, President Moon Jae-in, on the sidelines of an economic summit in the far eastern Russian city of Vladivostok, Reuters reported.

There has to be something in this guy is hiding in his closet, out of the blue, becoming such a conciliator peace-maker. Based on his track record, I would keep an eye on the hog and my finger on the trigger.


He absolutely can not be trusted. For Putin to have a sudden change of heart; makes me very suspicious. Witnessing him doing an about-face and become the peace-maker is totally out of character.

BUT, always the BIG BUT. I will give him the benefit of the doubt. I would love for him to prove me wrong. If Putin, all of a sudden became Christianized, that is a good thing.



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