Fools and foolish moves

Picks for Sunday morning – GG commentary

North Korea says it successfully conducted hydrogen bomb test

Possibly one of the gravest situations the world has had to face since JFK put the hammer on Russia in the Cuban missle crisis.

There are a lot of Wolf Tickets being printed on all sides, it will be a wait and see until we know who buys the first one.

As our cousins from WEST BY GOD always say; we are between a rock and a hard place – we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

Let us all hope and pray there can be a peaceful solution. The alternative will not be pretty.

She didn’t really say that, did she?

What kind of weed is this lady smoking?? She wants to model a settlement between North Korea and the rest of the world after the Iran swindle, the most disastrous one-sided hustle in the history of political negotiations. The Obama and his henchmen should hang their head in shame. Even more shameful than the deal; when the shit finally hits the fan, no one will be around to wear the jacket.

What the lady and the rest of the world has not seen yet, is the aftermath of debacle. In the long run, the entire world is going to suffer greatly for the poorly conceived, one-sided deal of the Iran settlement.  Iran was the only winner in the sham deal. It will not be too long into the future that they will show their ugly head with more of a vengeance than they have in the past. Now they have 151 billion reasons to strut their stuff.

My suggestion to Merkel is to stick to making sauerkraut and dumplings.

Cleveland police, EMS unions won’t hold flag for NFL’s Browns after players knelt for anthem

The only thing I have to say about the Bad news Brown is, they are pathetic; by the way they play the game and more importantly, the way they display their ignorance directed at our country.

This not only goes for the Bad news Browns but all of the other teams in the NFL that disrespect the flag. If it was not for what our flag symbolizes and stands for, affording these disgraceful bums to make a living at a much higher bracket than they could ever imagine, most of them would be eating out of garbage cans and shitting out the window of a cardboard box.

As for the NFL and its multi-billionaire owners who were afforded the same opportunities because of the country they live in; they all are disgusting, spineless cowards.

The only way to get the message across to them is to boycott the NFL for a couple of years. The only problem with that is; most numb-skulls that live and die for football are just as pathetic and unpatriotic as the player and the owners. I have to call them all spineless cowards.

The United States of America’s flag represents every liberty and freedom we have in this country.

I do agree that there is a lot of work to be done to get our society to where it should be in many areas but the way to go about it is not sitting or kneeling and disrespecting the flag. Unity, optimism, getting rid of the bad seeds in law-enforcement, changing the laws, putting judges on the bench that have half a brain, parents setting examples for their kids, politicians start behaving like grown-ups instead of children that are constantly throwing temper tantrums, the news media has to start tell the truth in what they report,  that garbage news they print only incites the nut cases out there, the government stepping up and taking a more active role in turning the corner, not forgetting what happened yesterday but using it as an example not to go down the same roads; these are the directions this country has to go if we can ever hope to recover from the diseases that are plaguing this country. In my life time (I do have a few years in grade) the USA has NEVER been in so many predicaments at one time as we see today. If not taken care of, the future is very grim.

This resolution to disrespecting the flag was resolved by a small time school soccer coach when Kaperdick first started his spectacle. It could not be more simple. Before all of his games and sporting events, THE ANTHEM IS PLAYED BEFORE THE TEAMS COME ON TO THE FIELD.  By doing this, it does not give the bums a chance to show their ignorance to the world.

My fervent wish for the Bad news Browns; I hope they continue with their miserable past performances. At least they are consistent. They are bad at whatever they do!!

‘Cheap sex’ is making men give up on marriage, author says

Makes sense to me.

Mark Regnerus did a little research on the marriage thing or the absents of it. He has come to the conclusions;  

In generations past, women generally made men wait until marriage to have sex. To get a wife (and, therefore, sex), men had to be clean and presentable and have a good job. This, Regnerus reasons, gave men all the motivation they needed to become respectable members of society.

Now with porn on-demand and greater reproductive freedom, sex is a commodity available at any time. This has left men with little motivation for marriage, writes Regnerus, who cites demographer Steven Ruggles’ prediction that one of every three people in their 20s will never marry.

When I was growing up, that is the way it was. Just to feel a broad’s boob, we had to beat up everyone in her entire family, including all of her brother and cousins. This day and age, the girls/ladies are giving IT away like IT is two-week old bread. Many of them have become much more aggressive than the males. For my money, the old ways are the most effective and had the best over-all results.

As tough as conditions were way back when, I would gladly go back to restoring some civility to this country and cut down on all of the metaphorical diseases that envelop this country and the world.

Example: syphilis.  Once again has popped up its ugly head in epic proportions.

Promiscuity in all areas are tied together. When active, in concert with one another; booze, sex, drugs, promiscuity all end with disastrous consequences.

Hunting a Killer: Sex, Drugs and the Return of Syphilis

If we don’t, we all should know the old cliché; PAY ME NOW OR PAY ME LATER. When we do pay later, the payback is many times more costly!!

Texas refineries begin restart after hit from storm Harvey

But only after they took a very big chunk out of the American people’s pocket.

I remember years back when the laborers union went on strike and finally, after a couple of weeks of being out, agreed to a .75 cent an hour package.

What did the contractors do? They raised the rates they charged their customers 6.00 per hour and blamed the cost on the laborers striking.

Same O same O with the oil companie$. These thieves in the night have enough fuel in reserves for a years. It was NOT necessary for them to put a big spike in the price of gas and blame it on Harvey. Just another way to screw the public.

Folks, it is all a big ^$#@*& game. The consumers are sitting on the bottom branch and always taking beating.


Where is it written that the BIG BOYS should not take a loss once and awhile.

Chew on these numbers:

Their profits are obscene.

Did anyone ever notice that before every national holiday the price of gas goes up so they can squeeze all they can get out of the public? They are unregulated and way out of line. ONLY 93 BILLION in profit?? My heart bleeds for them and so does my pocket-book.

United CEO Oscar Munoz vows to match Hurricane Harvey donations up to $1 million

Oscar should get an Oscar for this performance. With all of the shenanigans United has pulled off in recent years and gotten away with. They should donate a billion instead of a million. It would be like me pledging a “C” note. Big &^%$#@ deal!!

You still cannot put a silk suit on a hog!! As much as United tries to clean up and camouflage their act, their history speaks for itself.

CHICAGO, Jan. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — United Airlines (UAL) today reported its fourth-quarter and full-year 2015 financial results. UAL reported full-year net income of $4.5 billion, or $11.88 per diluted share, excluding special items

‘My Hands Are Too Big,’ Says President With Smaller-Than-Average Hands

This was one of the headlines Huffington Post had today.

Dudes; looks like you need a new scout for better material. Go back to the shoes.









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