Subliminal poisoning

The definition of gender-expansive is when a person’s identity or behavior is broader than the commonly held definitions of gender and gender expression in one or more aspects of their life.

An example of gender-expansive is a person who does not identify with being either male or female, or who identifies as a combination of both or who expresses their gender in a different way.

I ran across a new word this morning, gender-expansive, I was unfamiliar with so I looked it up.
I am old enough to know and have been around for a very long time to know that words/expressions/confusion/lifestyles/influences such as this did not exist years ago nearly to the degree they do today.
Did they exist at all? Absolutely yes. BUT, they were never accepted, sanctioned, approved of and especially ENCOURAGED in the numbers we are seeing.
I really believe that the social media and the PC movement have been some of the direct causes of people, especially the younger generations, indecision as to who and what they are or want to be. They are being bombarded with this trash from all sides. Put together the PC movement, promiscuity, drugs and ultra-liberal mentality, they all add up to a recipe for a perfect storm.
Social media, the ultra-liberal media and political correctness are the ruination of our normal, healthy society. Many of them are implanting doubt and uncertainty into the minds of our young impressionable kids.  They are being blasted from every direction with propaganda. We can not watch the tube for 5 minutes anymore without seeing, multi-racial couples, same sex couples, gay couples and so forth.  I don’t have a problem with any of these lifestyles as long as they are legitimate. The only conclusion I can come to; there are very powerful people/groups that want to destroy all of the values that once made this country and society strong.
Since Adam bit the apple, we have not witnessed the magnitude of sexual dis-functionality and confusion as we see it today.
I do not have a problem with anyone that not absolutely 100% sure of who or what sex they are. What I do have a problem with; the monsters out there that are  subliminally brain washing our younger kids. Let them decide for themselves who they are. They do not need any encouragement from outside sources. Let nature takes its course
When we have ignorant/degenerate people that are allowed to print trash articles like this one in Teen Vogue; I would conclude, this PC-ness has gone way over the acceptable line.

Will there ever be a line drawn ……

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