Trump on North Korea missile launch: ‘All options are on the table’


It is time to put the hammer on the Crazy Kid. A well planned offense is a great defense. Never get caught sleeping or with your pants around your ankles.

As cruel as it may sound, there has to be an assault made on the Mad-Kid before he makes his move. There absolutely will be collateral damage but that is a fact of war.

No one on this planet can accuse anyone of being the instigator except the Kid-Dick-Tator.  As I see it; he has gone too far and made too many threats to back-down. The world is not dealing with a sane person.

Never get caught sleeping or with your pants around your ankles.

I am sure the wheels of justice are hard at work in PDT’s head. I hope he uses good sense and pays attention to his advisors. This one can be for all the chips.

Whatever he does, we will not know it until it happens. If his plan of attack is leaked, whomever runs their mouth should face the firing squad.




Unfortunately; all we can do is pray for all the people Harvey affected. We all are here on this earth as guest of the Lady Mother Nature. When she decides to put the hammer to us, there is little to nothing we can do.

Pelosi: Democrats have ‘won every fight’ against Republicans


Where was this old, washed-up delusional broad in November 2016?? Time is long overdue that she be hauled to the politicians pasture for retirement.

Houston combating Harvey looters with mandatory jail time


Looters should be shot on site. Looters and scalpers are the worst of the worst. Nothing like kicking a person when they are down, is their motto.  When we look up lower than whale shit and slim in the dictionary, their pictures are in there.

Kathy Griffin: I’m no longer friends with Anderson Cooper


I don’t think that Copper is going to lose any sleep over her revelation.

The Wicked Witch of the West said she has severed ties with Anderson Cooper after he, unlike many of the Boulder Rollers out there, shoot down the red healed idiot for the her absolute outrageous graphic of PDT being beheaded. Anderson has renewed my faith in some of the left, if only slightly. Thumbs up for Cooper!!

Stephen King ‘Bans’ Trump from Seeing His New Horror Flick

Are you kidding me?? Stevey Boy, why don’t you go find a house to haunt. Is this the best you can come up with to promote your film??

GOP governor hopeful refuses to apologize for saying George Soros has ‘Hatred for America’


Call them like you see them. Anyone that thinks Soros farts perfume is as nuts and as is as big of a threat as he is. He is one of the most dangerous people that is allowed to live in the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free.

These are a few  f the reason, just for starters.


Baby died in car seat while New Jersey Mom was high on drugs


There seems to be a slew of nutty/mentally/disturbed killers out there that have the nerve to call themselves parents. How can any sane person claim they forgot they left their kid in the car, or be high on drugs, resulting in their deaths?? I guess the key word is SANE.

Arpaio opens door to return to public office, after Trump pardon


It took a good Italian man to set the record straight in Arizona and put the hammer on the bad guys. Arpaio, like Jesse James;  rode his horse into town when it was a lawless  place to live. The city fathers begged the guy to turn around their out of control crime ridden county.  That he did and may I say, in style. When all was said and done, the guy that saved to county was now a threat to the people that elected him. In the last election,  they shit canned him. To the fools that elected him, his usefulness expired and now they no longer needed his heavy handed way of doing business.  Typical hypocrites.

This is one of the major problems with today’s law enforcement; they are all together too PC/easy on the criminals. I say; ALL States/counties need a Joe Arpio to bring back law and order.  One very big element the do-gooders do not want to understand. People that commit crime are criminals and need to be treated as such.  They should not be sent away for a 10 year vacation in a high-tech facility that allows them to live better than they lived on the outside. They are criminals!!

I would love to see the day some THUG has a gun stuck at the side of the head of one of the beautiful people.  I will be willing to wager, they would hope Sheriff Joe was standing behind the criminal with a 12 gauge.

As far as PDT goes with Arpio’s pardon; good for him. In our lives we have to remember; always take care of how takes care of you!!

Police and military equipment – overturning Obama ban protects Americans and law enforcement


It is about time our cops have the same or better fire power than the THUGS/TERRORISTS.  It is a shame it has to come to this but we always have to fight fire with a flame thrower, not a book of matches. My only suggestions is; the authorities have weed out the nut case/irresponsible  cops before putting more deadly weapons in their hands.

Joel Osteen’s church staff rescued from Texas floods as critics blast lack of outreach


I am continually trying to understand just how smart a person has to be NOT to venture into flood waters that is over their heads or over the roof of their vehicles??

Canada introduces gender-neutral passport option


The next thing we are going to see coming from our benevolent friends north of the boarder; they will start paying for sex change operations with their taxpayers money.

Katie Price to divorce third husband


In this day and age of being a disposable society, why do people even bother saying I do? Especially the Beautiful People. There is so much temptation out there and  almost impossible for any man or women to keep their eyes straight ahead and their hands to themselves.

The only conclusion I come to; if married,  it is a lot easier to get big money settlements when they get divorced, rather than if they are not married.

This  # 3 for the British actress.



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