Idiot personified

He was born Warren Wilham. Dropped his fathers last name and took his mothers maiden name to boost his standings with the Italians in New York for political purposes.

This is a great example of this man’s logic and priorities. Just another fireman that left the fire house when it was on fire.



Although born Warren Wilhelm Jr, he eventually adopted his mother’s family name of de Blasio because his father was “largely absent,” and he wanted to embrace his Italian heritage. … He petitioned to officially change his name to Bill de Blasio in December 2001, after the discrepancy was noted during an election.

Of all the Italians and many other Big Apple residence I know, none of them want to be connected to this fool, any way shape or form.

How can a guy who was ashamed of his Heritage be trusted or have any credibility?

Warren is one of the shepherds who is leading the PC-pathetic flock. They are all playing follow the leader and jumping off the cliff, only because the mindless sheep in front of them is doing it. They don’t have a mind of their own; they are pathetic, hypothesized critters that only want to belong to a movement, no matter how ridiculous it may be.

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What they have done up until now in the PC movement has escalated to total insanity. They have gone so far to the left with their nonsensical actions, they are Way Beyond explanation and comprehension.

Their latest stunt to get attention is to dig up Robert E Lee’s remains and move them elsewhere. How far is too far for these nut jobs??


I find it impossible to believe anyone can be that pissed off and anti-anything to go to extremes as they have. It is my firm conviction that ninety-nine and nine-tenths percent of all of the PC-ers do what they do, only for the publicity and because they want to be part of the flock. There is no other logical explanation.

Many people might scoff at my observation but a great deal of the uprising in the PC community is because BB lost the election. 80% or more of this idiotic actions would not exist if PDT did not win the election. All of the foolishness is connected somewhere do the line.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to PC-ers obsession in their cause to destroy anything that involves common-sense.

There should be laws prohibiting fools like Wilham holding office. The man is actually dangerous.

I did a post on the dangers of trying to suppress history that is worth reading.

Don’t bury/erase the past!!

As unpleasant as these events were; the Jewish people do not want the Holocaust to be disregard as a part of history, the American Indians, the black community and other races/nationalities/religions the same. They ALL want their past, good or bad to remain in the public’s eyes as symbols of their successes, failures and plight.

By taking down statues, destroying paintings and removing flags serves no purpose except to appease the far-left PC-ers and others like them. We all know how wacked out they are.

Can it be explained in any more simple terms??

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