Throwing the lamb into the lion’s den

When I initially read about the fight between Mayfeather and Connor; I was under the assumption that both fighters were going to be allowed to use all of the skills they have from their own profession. Now I read that Connor is severely limited in what he can use.

In an article in the NY Times; Richard Steele, a retired Hall of Fame referee who officiated many of boxing’s biggest fights over a career that lasted nearly four decades, said he was not sure he would have sanctioned the bout.

“Here’s a guy from one sport, challenging the world’s best in his own sport — I really don’t know how it’s going to work,” Steele said. Referring to McGregor, he added: “He can’t kick. He can’t elbow. He can’t do nothing. Nothing that he’s used to doing that makes him a great M.M.A. fighter.”

To me that is a gigantic red flag for the Irishman.

8-9-10; lights out for Floyd

This is an excerpt I took from a post I did on 3-11-17

IF, the rules of the match are changed to accommodate one or the other, that will be an entirely different story. Without changes, as the rules stand in both arenas now, Mayweather does not stand a chance. He has never fought anyone the ferociousness that McGregor has.

As I see it now; being that McGregor is prohibited from using kick, elbow strikes or any of his other MMA skills, that diminishes his possibilities of winning greatly.

Based on these circumstances, I do not want to call the fight.  Like all of the other scams on the planet, it is just a gigantic hype and a promotion concocted by some very slick Willies to make a bundle.

To me, this whore deal McGregor signed up for looks the one sided Iran deal. Could be John Kerry was Connor’s agent????

The going price for one ring side seat is going for between 10,000.00 and 79,000.00 big one$. Pay per view is 100.00; 95.00 too much.  With the prices they charge with cable TV these days, the scalpers should air it for zero.

I will watch the reruns. Anyone that supports/pays that kind of $oldi needs their heads examined. I hope it is a 1st round KO so the fight suckers get their monies worth.


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