Powerball payday – 700 million

If I do not take home the bacon; I hope one of the GG’s followers does!!


Get out there and snap up a few tickets folks. If you don’t play, you can not win.

Fox News & the GG commentary


Nice to see that PDT is going beyond his usual gut feeling with so much at stake.  This is why he has so many seasoned advisors around him. PDT, put them to good use.

Why not; Arpaio has been a stand-up citizen and good sheriff for many years. He is one of the far and few between that has a set of goolunies and took the bull by the horns instead of by the diaper.  Just like a PC parent; it is very easy to be a bum parent but it takes a person with a strong backbone and a good set of standards not to turn their heads and insist their kids do the right thing.

I will stand by my convictions that most of these rallies are concocted and financed by some very wealthy fools who have an agenda. They are paying other fools to attend the rallies and upset the apple cart.

PDT, against all odds still has some loyal followers. Many times in life, it is very difficult to support a friend or associate when the chips are down. I still stand firmly behind him; although he makes my legs wobble on occasion


Even the naysayers should give PDT credit for not wanting to give the store away like so many of his predecessor have. Over the years, it has cost the USA literally trillions of dollars trying to buy other countries friendship around the world, hoping we didn’t piss any of them off.  Hopefully PDT will put an end to the GIANT GIVEAWAY. 

It will be interesting to see just how many heed the word. Some fools never learn. DON’T GO WHERE IT IS NOT NECESSARY  AND DON’T GO WHERE YOU DON’T BELONG

There is no penalty severe enough for these two scumbags.  There SHOULD be a set of guidelines that parents follow before they entrust their kids to any strangers care.

It is going to take a lot more then a fundraiser to stop the demonstrators.

Terrorists insanity is universal!!

This high-flying (I am better than you fool) has to remember a couple of things. Empty barrels make the loudest noise – no matter how much perfume, jewelry, fine cloths a swinette wears, they are still a swinette. Possibly she is related to the infamous Leona Helmsley

Now that this madman is in custody; the authorities should grant him his wish – put him in a steel cage far enough away from the public so they are safe and grant him his wish.

Give me a break ESPN – they are putting the axe to this guys position because his name is Robert Lee.  ESPN’s PC spineless stupidity is ridiculous

Lock and load!!

Wilson has raised $5,000 so far in her quest to keep PDT quiet. Twitter is currently worth about $12 billion. The old girl has a long way to go.  Some people will do anything for a little recognition.

Who really cares – they don’t put any food on my table.

Cyber-security at it’s finest

If you don’t bet, you can’t win!! If I don’t win, I hope one of you do!! Like when visiting a Spear-easy; don’t forget to tell the the Commander and Chief sent you


No rhyme or reason for homicidal maniacs like these two. I still believe in an eye for an eye.

AS THE WORLD TURNS; where it will stop, no one knows!!


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