Getting even can be very costly

Trump goes on rampage against the media, sitting Arizona senators at Phoenix rally

Can we imagine; if all the effort and $oldi on all sides of the fence were used in a positive direction, the successes and accomplishments that could be made in this country would be monumental.

This marathon Boulder Rolling contest between PDT and his naysayers has gone way beyond a casual disagreement. All sides are bound and determined to prove the other side is wrong.  They should ignore each-other. Sooner then later the other side will get board arguing with themselves and go home.

The valuable time PDT spent last night grinding his axe, could have been used for more productive issues; maybe like the economy, unemployment, poverty, out of control thugs and so forth. We had 2.5 years of listening to useless campaign rhetoric.

It is almost comical to see the extents these people go thru just trying to GET EVEN.

There has to have been 100’s of 1,000’s of hours and millions of dollars spent by the combatants just trying to best the other side.  Absolute child’s play and nonsense.

Grow up or shut up; maybe both. The world is tired of listening to your juvenile behavior.

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