Top of the morning to you – NOT!!


Another Tuesday morning comes rolling around, as usual, we are getting saturated with more unpleasant news.  Makes a person want to jump up and click their heels.


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In the days gone by, when people were more civilized, it was rare, if ever, we heard of someone being decapitated. Now as our civilization declines into a period of savagery, the act of head chopping becomes a regular routine.  It has to be labeled as the most egregious insult to a human-being.

Sounds like shades of Obama. For years he staunchly refused to call ISIS  (ISIL as he called it) a terrorist organization. A pig is a pig even if it is wearing a silk suit.


Is this another case of operator negligence?? Between the terrorists, thugs, gang warfare, unruly demonstrators, supremacists groups. train wrecks and ship colliding, we are risking our lives every-time we walk out the front door. Now we even have to be leery of getting on an elevator.

Two people were killed at resort island of Ischia off Naples when an quake struck, leaving 39 were injured and some 2,600 were left homeless.

It would be nice if there was as much effort/interest put into straighten out this country as there was watching the moon cover the sun. Priorities!! I watched some people being interviewed; they made it sound like they saw JC coming out of the tomb.

This is big news which I think requires the full attention from the Commander in Chief. I do not recall see a tweet coming from PDT. That is a good beginning.

The mental anguish her family has to go through has been excruciating.

Sounds like what a civilized person should do; huh???

Absolute a terrible way to go.  The lady was not even safe in a hospital on an elevator.

Maybe the Brownies should concentrate on praying for a successful season instead of disrespecting the American flag.  Second class people act like second class citizens. All  the fools keep asking themselves; what the hell the problem is in this country and how to fix them.  There are about 1,000 places I can think of to start; one is respecting our country.

The two Kennedy kids sure have toned it down since the good old days of the Kennedy clans that came before them, with the likes of Chappaquiddick Teddy .  They were arrested for being too loud, which is a no no in their upscale community.  We would not want to have the snobs in Cape Cod loose any of their beauty sleep.

I seems that the queer-owned indie brand Wildfang has no originality. They continually are caught stealing/coping the brands of other shirt companies.

Beat her ass was the outcry from Celena Troupe, a  34 mother as she encouraged her 14  year old daughter to beat up on another female minor that was pregnant. The pugilistic mom is now up on charges.

Bride claims flight attendant deliberately spilled red wine on her wedding dress. She is suing the airlines for 3.4 million.  3.4 million for a dress? She and her ambulance chaser must want to retire in style after the suit is settled.

These two white young ladies should have been a little wiser then to wear pro-Trump shirts to a predominantly black college.  Did they expect to be welcomed with open arms?? They are lucky they didn’t come away with a beat-down.

As the world turns.

Since we are celebrating the moon in motion, I thought this very old song by Kate Smith would be appropriate.  The old girl could sure belt them out!!


I loved life during more simple, less complicated times!!

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