What do think they are going to say???

I still say; don’t go where you don’t belong and don’t go where it is not necessary.
I am not a paranoid person, I am just proactive and try to use some commonsense decision making before acting.
When asked if Europe is still a safe place to travel; this is the so called experts answer.
Behind the shock and outrage at such attacks, however, experts and statistics point to Europe still being a safe destination.
“Our hearts go out to the victims, their friends and family, but … my message is that Europe is safe,” Gloria Guevara Manzo, president and CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council, told CNN Travel.
In my opinion, that statement is debatable. Are we that gullible to think that the president of the World Travel Counsel is going to say it is not safe??
Naturally there are safe places in Europe to travel but they are in the less populated areas. As we all know, the scumbag terrorists always target the most populated places to inflict the most damage.
If I had to chose where in Europe I would travel; I would pick less conspicuous places.
REPEAT: I still say; don’t go where you don’t belong and don’t go where it is not necessary.  You may be buying a ticket to your own funeral.
Anyone with a half a brain should know that the terrorists activity is only going to intensify. With their new weapons of choice; car and trucks, it is virtually impossible to prevent these deadly acts.
It is a shame that mankind has come to this pathetic point in our once civilized society but these are the cold, hard, deadly facts.

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