Search underway for 10 sailors after USS John S. McCain collision near Singapore; ship has significant damage

What the hell is going on with the collisions the US Navy is having? Their track record is starting to resemble a Sunday outing at the Demolition Derby.

These incidents are becoming a ever too frequent.

There are billions of square miles of ocean out there for ship to navigate, yet these monsters are running into one another all too frequently. This is a clear cut case of someone falling asleep at the wheel.

To top it off; if the captains of these ship haven’t been told, this is 2017 not 1864. There is so much hi-tech equipment available to them to avoid incidents like this, whether they are on purpose or not, there is absolutely no excuse for a collision of any kind.

It seems the house of cards is crumbling from all directions.

Let us hope they find the 10 sailors that are missing. Sad to say, I would not give them much hope.

I don’t want to become a nitpicker BUT, always the BIG BUT; this is a quote from Fox News.

President Trump, returning to the White House from his “working vacation,” responded to word of the collision by saying, “that’s too bad.”

If this statement is accurate, I would think that PDT could have come up with some conciliatory remark much better than that’s too bad.

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