That figures

Kaeper-Dick supporters call for NFL boycott

I would not expect anything different from the stumble bums that support Kaper-Dick and his anti-American antics.


What we have is a new Ship of Football fools that want to boycott the NFL because no team has picked up Kaper-Dick to this point.

Instead of boycotting the ball-less, spineless, it is all about the money, PC pathetic NFL for allowing such disrespect for of the American flag; the fumble bums want a boycott because their 4th string poster boy is sitting on the unemployment bench.

I am thrilled that Mr. Karma has come a knocking. This is just what the fumble bum deserves.

As far as the NFL goes, they are nothing but a bunch of spoiled rotten billionare$ that forgot what country gave them the opportunity to become the ultra-rich bums they are.

You can’t ever put a silk suit on a hog!!


The NFL’s owners are like some super-rich bimbos out there that don’t hit the rain room on a regular basis. No matter how much perfume they splash under their arm pits, they still stink.

Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner who is paid 44 million a year to keep the NFL in line is about as worthless as tits on a bull.


Where the hell has the patriotism gone to in this country??



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