Afraid?? He better be!!

Virginia congressman: I am afraid for our future

In an interview with Maria Bartiromo, Congressman Tom Garrett expressed his concerns for the future and the safety of this country. He is one of, out of all the many political fools out there, that CAN see forest on account of the trees.

I would say without reservations; at this point in time, the USA is up to its neck in quicksand a sinking deeper by he day. We are getting sucked into disastrous situations  from every direction.

There is not one condition this country has faced in recent time that has a positive outlook, with the exception of the stock market. I am waiting see just how long and how far it can continue its sky-rocketing direction before it blows up like one of the Kid-dick-tator fault missiles. It is just a matter of time.


On one side we have the Ruskie, Chinese, Iran, North Korea, Syria, to deal with and now getting involved in Venezuela. Then we throw in our civil unrest in the mix with these lunatic like Black Lives Matters – White-trash supremacists, out of control street gangs and the like. Just how far can our resources be stretched before the entire country is ripped to shreds?

It is difficult enough to focus our attention in one area to be successful but when there is so much turmoil in multiple places at once; it greatly diminishes the effectiveness of putting out the fires.

I will attribute our problems to many different areas and situations. The one that has become our biggest anchor  is our government; the politicians that supposedly run the country with their PC-lacadasical form of being non-productive and stupidity.


I will not be foolish enough to say that the our country was not in deep trouble before Obama came on the scene. What I will say; by his PC/ultra-liberal mentality of governing, he multiplied the disasters we were facing by 20 fold.

Just like PDT is supposed to be the Great White Hope and save the country from itself; Obama was supposed to be the Great Black Hope. All he did was set us back decades, Ask his OWN PEOPLE exactly what he accomplished for them.

It seems to me that our political leaders never heard the expression; nip it in the bud.  Or they heard it but don’t know its meaning.

Many of the issues we have facing us today is because the lack of aggressiveness on the part of the politicians to take quick and decisive actions when situations are in their infancy.  They procrastinate until issues become unmanageable.  They spend more time on vacation and busting each others goolunies, they do not have time to accomplish anything productive.

Nip it in the bud and bend the tree when it is young; these practices are what can prevent minor problems from becoming catastrophic.

Putting all of our dilemmas in a nut shell; they do not fix or repair the decaying bridge when it begins to rotted to salvage; they wait until it totally and kills a couple dozen people before they take action. By the time they even recognize  the problem, it is too late to avoid a calamity.

Should the USA be concerned about its future as Tom Garrett suggested?  You can bet you sweet booty, it better be!!




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