Crippler them before they can walk


South Korea: North Korea lacks missile technology

IF – I say IF this information is correct; cripple them before they can walk.

If all of this chest-pounding by the Kid-Dick-Tator is only a bunch of Wolf Tickets he is selling and NK does not have the reentry capabilities they claim to have, get this boy while his pants are still around his ankles.

MAIN-Kim-Jong-Un-missiles index.jpg

Maybe it is only me?? I would think that an important revelation such as this, if true, of NOT having full capabilities to reenter the atmosphere by the Kids gang would have been more or less common knowledge. The entire world has been on pins and needles for months now anticipating the BIG ONE coming from North Korean psycho.


To all the big wigs out there – all of the decision makers; get it right boys and girls, don’t get caught with your pants down.


Tens of billions of lives depend on THE CORRECT intelligence information at your disposal.

GET IT RIGHT FOLKS; none of you have a stellar track record.


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