The whole world has gone nuts!!!!

Ohio car attack suspect faces murder charge, civil rights probe

This retarded looking piece of white-trash rammed a car into a group of other crazy demonstrating fools that were trying their best to kill each-other with baseball bats and other weapons yesterday at Charlottesvlle, Virginia demonstration.


Ohio resident James Alex Fields Jr., 20, was charged on Aug. 12, 2017, with second-degree murder in the fatal car ramming in Charlottesville, Virginia, which appeared to target counter-protesters at a white nationalist rally.

I don’t know why Fields has not been charged with 1st degree murder. He obviously planned this attack long before he used the demonstrators as dodgem cars.

The whole world is going nuts, across the pond and domestically by fools with opposing views trying to send their adversaries to Boot Hill.


My old philosophy of live and let live seems to be non-existent.

I really don’t know if the world has ever witnessed this amount of turmoil since the Cave-man dragged his squeeze by her ponytail.


We have the Ruskies, China, Iran, North Korea, ISIS, home-grown terrorists, out of control gangs, all  trying to take down this country. To add to the mix, civil unrest is at it’s highest. Where is the end??

All our leaders can come up with after every incident is; we must put an end to the violence! They all sound like a broken record and that is about as far as it goes.

I will continue to stand on the fact that the leaders of respective jurisdictions are not proactive enough.

They know who they are – where they are – know they are conspiring to take down our government, which happens to be a punishable offense. But because of the PC mentality in the USA, the officials stand-by waiting for the fireworks before they take any action.

If our illustrious leaders want an example of what procrastinating brings about; take a go look at Mexico. Inch by inch – foot by foot – yard by yard – miles by mile, the drug dealers are taking over that country because they have been allowed to.

When our back is against the wall; it is time to change the rule book. DO NOT allow demonstrations of any kind. Invariably most demonstrations do not end well.

As I have stated so many times before.  The guys with the wigs who wrote the constitution, never, ever envisioned what chaotic conditions there would be 200 years plus years after they put their John Hancock’s on that parchment.

Drastic times call for drastic decision making.

We can compare it to some 1,200 pound person that wants to lose weight but is going about it the wrong way. It took many years for that person to get as big as he is.  It is not an overnight undertaking that will get them back to a healthy state. It will take time, dedication, perseverance and  a lot of hard work. The same goes for the conditions in the USA and around the world.  The fix is not an overnight endeavor. It would take years, if a fix is even possible.

What I would like to see is our politicians do what they are paid big money to do. As of now, they spend 50% of their time arguing like a bunch  of spoiled school brats from Beverly Hills  and the other 50% on vacation.  It is ALMOST laughable.

I have seen times when they abandon ship for vacation like the firemen who leaves the fire house when it is burning.

I am probably one of the most optimistic people on the planet; BUT, always the BIG BUT. Not very, under our current circumstances.

I will label the world’s situations as I see it as; MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

I would love to say I am wrong.



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One Response to The whole world has gone nuts!!!!

  1. JCscuba says:

    This guy needs to be hung upside down by his balls for 24 hrs, covered in honey while bears play with his misguided ass. I’m with you, live and let live. Thanks, J.C.

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