What if ….

No fuckin cops’! Gym bans police officers, military because they might offend minority members


I have a WHAT IF for Jim Chambers, owner of the gym that bans cops and military people. WHAT IF  one of the homies that are his gym members went haywire one day and had a AK-47 stuck up his ass and fixin to pull the trigger. Is it possible that Jimmy boy would want one of those cops or military people he banned from his gym to save that sorry ass?

I guess that Jimmy boy is too ignorant to know, the cops and the military are the heroes that keep fools like him, his family (if he has any)  and his crew safe at night.

I see that the boy has what appears to be a tear drop tattooed under his eye which is an indicator he killed someone. I wonder if he is a a full fledged thug/killer so he can fit in or impress his clientele or just a wanna bee??


By the looks of Jimmy’s joint, I don’t know if customers are beating down his doors trying to  sign up.

I guess it takes all kinds to make this confused world go around.

I don’t even want to axe Jimmy boy what are the possibilities of PDT being accepted as a member.




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