Smile; you’re on Candid Camera

Fox News

Married couple, 28, arrested for public sex caught on tape at Wisconsin State Fair

It didn’t seem to matter to this love sick couple Desiree Anderson, 28, and Robert Beasley, 28, that they were being videoed as they got it on in the bleachers at the Wisconsin County Fair.


Had to be something in the wacky weed they were smoking or the cheap Wisconsin moon shine they were guzzling.

I guess the pair were too horny to wait until they got to their ride or made it to their crib to get it on. They put on their fornication exhibit without apology for all the fair’s attendees to see.

At one point, Bobby had his ass exposed whilst he was laying pipe and like a true showman, he waved to the person videoing the scene of extreme passion.


As a reward for their academy award performance, they were both given a pair of wrist ornaments to wear as they were escorted to the Paddy Wagon.


The only comment the cops had when they viewed the video and checked out Bobby in the raw; they unanimously agreed, it was not a big thing!


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