Tread lightly Sr. PDT

‘FIRE AND FURY’: Trump vows North Korea’s threats will be met with power the world has never seen

I don’t think this is shades of the Obama administration; I am warning you – you better or else. That is all we heard for 8 years. All of those threats and no actions is one of the reasons the USA is now up to it’s ass in alligators.

PDT has to back-up his threats/vow or he will look like Obama did throughout his time in office.

What PDT  laid on North Korea, FIRE AND FURY,  is very serious and can have many unimaginable, negative, disastrous implications and after-affects. I hope that PDT chooses his plan of attack very carefully and uses GOOD JUDGEMENT, not being based on an ego thing.

I totally agree that there must be a conclusion soon to this mad-mans threatening to blow up the world, primarily the USA.

Like my cousins from WVA say; we are almost between a rock and a hard place. Anyway we move, any action we take can be catastrophic for all of mankind. I think the crazy bastard in NK is nutty enough to push the button, just because he has threatened to do so, so many times.

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He is one the world’s stage and getting all the attention a spoiled brat, with a huge arsenal could want.  He thinks this is a game.

I still say the ideal way to rid the world of this piece of road-kill is from with-in.  Someone or a group of his own people have to put his lights out for good. The last thing anyone in this world needs is a nuclear war.

Now we have both factors that have drawn a line in the sand, PDT and the Kid-dick-tator.  Neither one wants to be viewed as a bloviator or someone that sells Wolf Tickets. It may get very hot, very soon and there will be no winner.



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