Another black eye for Fox

Eric Bolling suspended from Fox News amid lewd texting scandal


If these allegations are true; what the hell is the matter with some of the High-flyers with Fox News?? Are they all egomaniacs that are too stupid to behave themselves?

The super-sleuth Yashar Ali from HuffPost said he has been working on the case for three months and reached 14 sources in and out of Fox News and Fox Business all having the same sad tale.


“We were just informed of this late Friday afternoon via a HuffPost inquiry and plan to investigate the matter,” Fox News told CNN.

This is the part of the statement that gets me right in the lower gut. Bolling’s attorney told Ali that “Mr. Bolling recalls no such inappropriate communications, does not believe he sent any such communications, and will vigorously pursue his legal remedies for any false and defamatory accusations that are made.”

There is nowhere in that statement I see the words DID NOT.  To me those are clear indicators of guilt.

Recently, there have been a slew of high-rollers with Fox that have been shown the exit door for their inappropriate sexual behavior. Maybe they should all get together and start their own news network and call it; The Nasty Network.

It seems that some of the men Fox hired, going way back to the King of harassment and dirty old men, Roger Ailes,  are all cut out of the same dirty laundry.


These guys are like the person that has a loaf of bread under each arm and is still not satisified. They have to world by the goolunies; big money, prestige, admiration (until), powerful positions and that is not enough for them.

There has not been one case of sexual harassment I can recall that the accusations were not substantiated.

The deal with Bill O’Reilly was swept under the rug faster than an out of control train speeding down the tracks.  There was very little conversation made on his departure.


Are these people that insecure that they feel the need to cross the decency line?  They must be. It appears that they forgot the cardinal rule of; do not defecate where your masticate.

If they need a little boost in the sex life, they should go visit the ladies of the night and keep their fetishes private.



these guys are not smart enough to know that the blood hounds and Boulder Rollers are out in force looking to hang anyone that is sympathetic to PDT as many of the Fox reporters have been.

They are starting to remind me of all the teachers that cross the sexual line with their students and the cops that continue to abuse the people they arrest. The whole world is out there gunning for them but the fools do not have sense enough to play the game as it is intended.

Chalk up another one for one of the Fox team members.  Their reporting in most case is superb but at times their clandestine personal quirks and bad habits are something to be desired.

They better get a handle on their organization. Sooner or later Fox is going to run out of credible anchor people.




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