USA; between a rock and a hard place

What is the latest news on PDT attempting to straighten out China with their end of the fair-trade agreements and for them to assist in slapping the Kid-dick-tator around to get him line? Yes, more sanctions.  Hold your breath.

I would like to now; how can the USA effectively put the squeeze on a country that we owe well over a trillion of dollars too?  For all intents and purposes, with a little stretch, we can say the Chinese almost owns the USA.

US Economy. The U.S. debt to China is $1.102 trillion, as of May 2017. That’s 28 percent of the $3.9 trillion in Treasury bills, notes, and bonds held by foreign countries. The rest of the $19.8 trillion national debt is owned by either the American people or by the U.S. government itself.

Again; how does PDT think he can coerce China into any actions when we are indebted to them as we are??

I think that the USA and it’s leaders (the majority of which are substandard at best, last year had a 82% disapproval rating) must come to the realization; THE OLD GRAY MARE AIN’T WHAT SHE USED TO BE!!

What the hell do these parasitic politicians do while our country is in such bad shape? They take 6 weeks off. They are like the fireman that abandon the fire house that is on fire so they can go get lunch. They ALL are an absolutely disgrace.

Because of extremely important legislation that is pending, PDT tried to put the kobosh to them getting their hats and they shot him down.  That in-itself should tell us two things.  The politicians can give two shits about the American people; they ALWAYS come first. Next; who has more power, the president or congress.  I think the answer to both questions is very clear.

Our country is stretched so thin around the world, in so many different directions, I don’t know how we are still afloat. Actually; according to facts and figures; 99.9999% of Americans are worth more than the country is.

See for yourselves. Get the puck bowl out.


Can anyone tell me how numbers like this are being ignored as they don’t even exist?

Now our government is going to try and put the squeeze on one of the main holders of the USA’s debt. In my opinion, they are going to laugh at us and possibly will come across the pond on that new aircraft carrier they built one of these days to collect what is owed them.

Remember this posts?

Lets get ready to rumble!!!

China says it’s building new homegrown aircraft carrier:
As I said; the USA between a rock and a hard place and I do not see anyway out.



This should not require an explanation.


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