How low is too low in the filthy film and media industries???


Robert Pattinson refused to film sex act with dog for ‘Good Time’


The 31-year-old British actor, who appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Thursday to promote his new film, revealed he was asked to shoot a shocking scene involving his canine co-star.

Unbelievably; in the new movie Good Time; Pattinson was asked to do a sex scene with his pet dog and he refused. Unbelievably again.

It is refreshing and somewhat surprising to see that SOME of the wacked-out celebs have a line they will not cross.

It is totally astounding that there are some degenerates out there that thinks trash like this is considered entertainment. The scum that make it are way beyond explanation and the freaks that view it are just as bad!!

Someway, somehow; no matter what ratings are (PG – R – XXX); some under-aged kids will get their hands on the trash and think there is nothing wrong with that type of lifestyle.

It is a very sick world we live in and is getting more infected everyday by some mentally ill worms who are hiding behind freedom of speech or expression. This is not what the guys who wore the wigs had intended when the wrote the Constitution.


I did this post on 7-19-17 about low-life magazine that openly encourages anal intercourse and promotes it.

Will there ever be a line drawn ……


Teen Vogue defends teaching kids how to engage in sodomy

The demented morons that produce material like this are cut out of the same cloth, born under the same rock and slither their way through life pushing their smut. They all are deranged couriers of filth. On a scale from 1 – 10, with 10 being the worst, they both deserve a 25.

It is way beyond my comprehension that anyone is as sick in the head and evil as these people are and have droves of freaks that love what the putt out.


They come up with the same reasoning time after time. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it or read it. I agree. BUT, always the BIG BUT; what about the underage kids that get access to the trash. How is that prevented??

I am the furthers thing from a religious zealot as anyone can be but the best example I can give as to where this world is headed is Sodom and Gomorrah.


If anyone is unfamiliar with the word bestiality:

This is one topic I refuse to show pictures.

As I have mentioned so many times before; like drugs, other taboo items and addictions; the only way to combat these evils is not to use or buy them.


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