Whatever the game plan is, if there is one …

North Korea could soon develop a hydrogen bomb more powerful than the atomic bombs dropped on Japan

Whatever the game plan is, if there is one; the free worlds leaders should not be sitting on their hands too much longer and hope this nut-case does not use the weapons he has or allow him to continue developing the H-Bomb. The-Kid-Dick-Tator is just flaky enough to use them.


To this madman, all of the power and control he has is just a game. He has  sense of reality.

If his back is ever against the wall or he feels he is cashing because of health conditions; I am convinced he will push the Red Button. He has gone to far not to. He has made too many threats to back-out.




More explosive: Compared with the atomic bomb (the kind dropped on Japan in the closing days of the Second World War), the hydrogen bomb can be far more powerful – by 1,000 times or more, experts say.

That is a frightening number when we know that the A-Bomb dropped on Japan killed over 200,000 people.

It is much too late to nip this crazy man in the bud.  Something drastic, with precision and finality has to be done in the very near future to rid the world of this psycho and all of his clones.  Those who hesitate are lost.

Whatever the game plan is, if there is one, it requires immediate attention.



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