Hugely & Bigly = very Badly

Mega-Leak: Transcripts of Trump’s foreign leader phone calls emerge

Unfortunately; it sometime happens in our  lives when we try our best to support and stand-by someone who we thought or think is special, but because of their bull-headedness and other not so amicable characteristics, they are  making themselves look very foolish and are straining our loyalty to them almost to the point of being a mission impossible.


For the last few days I have commented on PDT making himself look bad by his obsessive, nonsensical conversations.  Now there is undeniable proof on tape of exactly just that.

I hate to say it but these conversations he had sound like a teenager with a very bad complexion that was just stood up by his prom date. They look and sound; Hugely & Bigly =  very Badly.

PDT has a lot of serious issues to deal with; the major one being himself. He has to learn that he is now in a different arena and can not get his way all the time as he is used.

He is now a politician whether he likes it not and MUST develop a lot more diplomacy. In short, he has to learn to be a team player and a negotiator rather than bully.  He has to learn the skill/art of killing them with kindness, all the while maintaining his patriotism and the commitments he made to this country. PDT has yet to learn that he can attract more bees with honey than he can with vinegar.

After that monumental task (doubt if the light will ever come on for him), comes dealing with all of the turncoat leakers he is surrounded with that are literally putting him in more hot water than a fat guy at a cannibal roast.


Is it just a matter of getting his feet wet with his new job?? I don’t know. Is his true personality is being exposed? Maybe!!  Is it being exposed because he has never had his gooluines crushed this severely in his life, coming from every direction and does not know how to deal with it? I may be a combination of both.

Whatever the case may be; PDT is going to have to get hisuntitled.png or experience some very tough sledding as he has never witnessed before.

I am trying to be optimistic!!

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