Well shut my mouth; never!!

I said it from the very beginning of, then The Donald, didn’t get his mouth under control, it would be his Achilles heel that would eventually undermine his credibility.


Not only has PDT kept up his tirades on twitter but every chance he gets to bad mouth someone, here and abroad, without hesitation.  If that is not bad enough, it appears that PDT has been caught in a lie.

It is probably one of the most unpalatable  stigmas any politician can get tagged with is being a liar. It seems to go with the territory.

According to PDT, when he took the helm, he was going to separate his family from the political side of his business. That did not happen. By having them involved in his presidency, it only exacerbates the difficulty of his job.  He is got a hard enough time explaining for himself, let alone for the rest of his clan.

This issue with Donald Jr. meeting with a Ruskie to get some dirt on BB is a *^&$@# joke. Isn’t that what the sleaziest job in the world, politics is all about, getting dirt on the other side??

I don’t know what the big deal is of one party trying to get dirt on the other one during an election or while the person’s in office. They spend millions trying to discredit the other side. For  Jr. to respond with enthusiasm over getting dirt on Hillary, I think that anyone one of the political sleaze bags, regardless of whose team they were on, they would jump at the chance to put the screws to anyone.

BUT, always the BIG BUT, the biggest problem in this whole scenario is, PDT denied his knowledge of that clandestine meeting from the beginning.  His spokespeople try to cop a plea for him and saying  that he like any other father was trying to defend his son. I say bullshit. This is not Joe Blow Sr. and Joe Blow Jr. we are talking about; it is the president of the USA and his kid.

The best thing he could have done was admitted he knew about the dirt-meeting on BB that the Russian wanted to pass on to his kid. With all of the super sleuths, video recorders, cell phone cameras and other surveillance equipment out there, lying should not be an option anymore. Come clean, be up front, tell it like it is and let the cards fall where they may. They have to know, they are going to get nailed eventually. Being labeled a liar is serious business.

If this man does not get his ducks in a row he is got a very long hard bumpy road ahead of him. Once it has been established a person is a liar, that stigma will be very hard the shed.

The American people can and will tolerate some of PDT’s idiosyncrasies if he comes across with his promises. If he falls short, he outlook looks bleak. .


All in all, I still think that his intentions are good but he may be a duck out of water, delving into uncharted areas he has little knowledge of, possibly not realizing the complexity of being #1 in the world.

On another note: I don’t know who his advisors are but he is better off going to the local DC  fortune teller and having her make his cabinet selections.


She gotta have a better track record than he does.

He hires and fires people in his cabinet like I change my socks. Sometime I do it twice a day.

For as smart as PDT is, or should I say, street smart as he should be, he is hitting a lot of foul balls in game. A smart persons makes mistakes and tries not to make them again. Possibly he does not see his blunders as mistakes??

As I see The Man in action, the more I realize that is a paranoid, suspicious, bull-headed, a gullible person and a poor judge of character. If PDT was as sharp as I thought he was, he would not be in the jack-pots he gets himself into time after time. He is like that guy I mentioned in one of my posts recently who cut off both of his index fingers with-in 20 minutes.

BUT, the BIG BUT; as bad as things may seem, we are still better off without BB sitting on the Love Seat with her ego maniac hubby holding her hand.

PDT; take a little advice from those that came before you, when George said, I can tell a lie. 





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