3 side to a coin

#NoConfederate campaign against HBO slave drama goes viral online

There are multiple ways of looking at this Confederate situation.



In announcing “Confederate” earlier this month, HBO described the story as following “a broad swath of characters on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Demilitarized Zone,” including freedom fighters, politicians, abolitionists and executives of a slave-holding conglomerate.

1. and most importantly; whatever the anti-confederate people try to do to shove that part of history under the bed, it is not going to change the facts. It is what it is.

2. to try an pretend these atrocities never happened is nonsense. Just like any other part of history, it has to be remember the way the unfolded.

3. By suppressing the facts does not alter the conditions like they did happen.  Trying to rid the country of the Confederate flag does not change history. Taking down all the statues of the confederate generals does not nullify the fact that they were a big part of history. Good, bad or indifferent, it is what it is and it was what it was.

We all know that the entertainment industry will do anything to make a buck. Through the years there have been some very sensitive and controversial issues brought to the big screen that caused havoc.  They knew what the repercussions would be but marched on anyway.

To them, it is all about making the big  images

How many different ways can anyone tell the grim story of Orenthal and how he slaughtered  his ex-wife and her boyfriend? Yet, every-time we turn on the tube, we see another version of the morbid details and how that mass killer got away with murder. It is all about the $oldi!!

It is my opinion that we all should tell it like it is. Let it be the responsibility of the viewer to come away with their own perception.  BUT, the BIG BUT; if because of these issues being resurrected causes anyone bodily harm, riots and out of control demonstrations; let a sleeping dog lie or in La La Land, a lying dog sleep.


There is nothing worth the price our country has paid at different times because of  riots and mayhem that were caused by something or somebody stoking the fires if racism.

Should the people/races that these types of movies are made about be justified in their anger? You bet they should be, who wouldn’t be?  BUT, history can not be changed, the future does not have to repeat itself.

Anything that can be done to avoid any racial uprising, should be done. If it includes not showing or making inciteful movies, so be it.

It is illegal in our system to prevent anyone from expressing themselves either in print, speech or visually. The best way to circumvent any potential problems, don’t buy the product. Wanna stamp out drugs, quit using, wanna crush despicable magazine from publishing smut, don’t buy them.

The best disgusting example I can come up with:

Will there ever be a line drawn ……

This is one that will remain in my memory back for quite sometime as one of the worst of the worst.
They want to call it freedom of expression? You know what my rebuttal is;


Absolute trash!!



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