One of the all time mysteries


Princess Diana had ‘a lonely miserable life inside the palace,’ biographer claims

I keep trying to focus in on my computers screen to fine tune the video; some of the pictures I am look at seem to be distorted.

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This unexplained scenario can be labeled as one of the mysteries of modern times.

All Princess Di needed was someone to put their arms around her and tell her they loved her. With their consummate composure and the stiff upper lip of many Englishmen and women, that is not in their DNA to show affection.

Come on folks, was the eye sight of the prince that bad?  Did Chuck hook up with a younger women so she could bear him children? Can be Camilla could have been the prince’s first roll in the royal hay loft and he fell madly in love with her.

There was a 12 year age difference between the two.  That is a big number down the road in the romance department. Who knows? In this case, I do believe that 2 + 2 = 5.

Calling them like I see them, pictures do tell a 1,000 tales.

6              images

It can probably be compared to a person that had their choice between de boeuf (rib steak) is the world’s most expensive steak or a hunk of beef liver and they selected door # 2.

images.jpg              6.jpg

Would I go so far as to say that Chuck may have inadvertently contributed to Di’s demise? I think so. If the man would have treated her like a lady, given her the attention, affection and love she craved, I don’t think Di’s would have gone to the partying side and her life would have ended so tragically. IF is a very powerful 2 letter word.

I guess Chuck is the only one that can solve that mystery.

What a waste of a beautiful lady’s life in so many different ways. She was just what the stuffy Royal Family needed to turn on the lights in their dark and gloomy castle dungeons; but they were not smart enough to recognize it.

Hold the  A-1 please!!

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