Abbastanza è sufficiente

Donald Trump Jokes About Firing Tom Price If GOP Repeal Effort Fails

I really hate to admit it, BUT the mission of the Goomba Gazette is to; tell it like it is and shoot straight fro the hip.

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This man is his own worst enemy. It appears to me, AT TIMES, PDT is on a personal mission to bull-doze everyone that unfavorably crosses his path. He should have known the hypocrisy of politics before he decided to run.


I made the suggestion many moons ago that he HAS TO start ignoring some of his critics and naysayers. This get-back-obsession he is on will only lead to his down fall.

Essentially, he is playing right into the Boulder Rollers hands. They know, every-time they smash his goolunies he is going to retaliate and make himself look worse than they are.

Prime example: He was attending a BS of A jamboree and had a prepared speech to make relevant to the occasion. What does he do, you may ask???  The started in on   repealing the Affordable Care Act, and joked he would fire Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price if the effort fails.  Everything has the right time and the place and this was neither.

Come on PDT, that is not very presidential. Give the clowns a rest and take care of business. This should not be a game of who is the biggest ball breaker.

Trump started off on the written script but went off-script several times to comment on the GOP Senate health care bill and to chastise the “fake news” media for coverage of his administration. He also recounted his election victory over Hillary Clinton, again boasting that most pundits didn’t predict his win.

It is getting as bad as; during the campaign, how many times he commented on how successful he is. That got very old, very quickly.

Abbastanza è sufficiente; when is enough enough. There are 1,000’s of issues he can talk about that are conversation and situation worthy, BUT, always the BIG BUT; he has this obsession to get-even.

Some great advice from an UNKNOWN:


I could not have said it better myself!!

Let the Boulder Rollers look like the fools. PDT has to act like they  don’t exist, ignore them.  It is getting embarrassing.

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