Moore is much more than a moron


Trump critics liken Boy Scouts event to a Hitler Youth rally

Is Moore really the moron he portrays himself to be – is he really that twisted – can he be as ignorant as he comes off – does he really believe this crap that he is spreading?? Except for the crap part, the answer to all of the above must be yes.

Like many of the other Fools on the Ship, they know exactly what it takes for them to get attention, like a three year old kid that bangs their head on the floor when they don’t get their way.


Yesterday Mush mouth Moore tweeted:

Shocking  abuse of children?? The guy is psychotic and needs to be locked up in a padded cell along with the rest of the fruit cakes he hangs with. To accuse the President of the USA or any other person of abusing kids has to be a punishable crime. PDT should bring down the gavel on these fools.
This whole anti-Trump thing has turned into a feeding frenzy by a bunch of dysfunctional vultures sitting in a tree waiting for an animal to stumble, fall, crack their head open and die so they can pick at it’s bones.
If some of their opinions and insinuations were factual and made any kind of sense, it may be a different story.
Liken Boy Scouts event to a Hitler Youth rally?? Are you kidding me. The guy and all of his Boulder Rolling rappies need to go see a good shrink. They make absolutely no sense at all.
If the Boulder Rollers did not have the celebrity they do; who in the hell would pay any attention to their ridiculous crusade? They are like Janet Jackson and the other fools like her, whose popularity needs a boost. They let one of their boobs flop out ACCIDENTALLY so they can get a little ink.
Get a life fools. If you want to smash PDT’s goolunies with some factual dirt, all well and good. But to conjure up trash like Mush-mouth Moore does,  Shocking abuse of children is totally absurd and gone too far.
Someday soon you may be kissing PDT’s ass for saving your left-wing asses. Crow is pretty hard to swallow, especially with it’s feathers still attached.
Kinda looks like the fool.
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