Mankind is walking on egg shells


China reportedly preps for crisis along border with North Korea

The USA has played the role of a fool for decades assuming they had the power and strength to keep all of mankind in line and be the caretaker for the world. Many times these mistakes, purposely or accidentally, of making the poor decisions, sticking their nose where it did not belong, ended in the entire world having to pay dearly for these interventions, most of which were illegal.

The biggest blunder the politicians in the USA EVER pulled was the illegal invasion of Iraq.

I did many post on the subject. This is one example.

He didn’t really say that???


George W. Bush: US troop pullout from Iraq ‘frustrated me


I do agree with GWB that ISIS can be defeated BUT, always the BIG BUT. A person in his position should not have an opinion. He and his side kick DC are the people that started this world wide crisis by illegally invading Iraq on March 30 2003.

Saddam and Gaddafi had the terrorists in their countries under control. They knew how to deal with them. Regardless of how they did it and by what methods they used, the fact still remains that Saddam and Gaddafi took care of business. The rebels were deathly afraid of them.

There have been countless conversations with Russia in an effort for them to help out with the disastrous Syrian crisis, as well as many conversations where the Chinese agreed to assist in the North Korean psycho situation. All they ever amounted to was a bunch of lying, hypocritical politicians trying to out bull-shit the other one.

Who are the biggest losers in this circus of clowns; the victims in the respective countries that are governed by these mad-men and the American people for financing the losing battles.

I truly believe; in 99% of the conflicts, the USA was in no way shape or form in physical jeopardy of being attacked on our own turf.  The illegal invasions were started for one of two reasons. # 1 for political purposes or door # 2, the most logical, for a small group of heartless, unscrupulous private/governmental/political mercenaries to make a fortune. I will lean more toward door # 2.

Why is it, for decades the USA has carried more than 50% of the financial and military burden with the bogus organization the Un-United Nations. It should be written in stone, all members must pay their fair share based on the size of their country and population or their safety and security disappears.

I ask WHY!! If the non-paying members are asking for protection from the enemies of the the world so their country and security are safe; they have to pony up the money. Many of these non-contributes are better off financially then the USA is. The issue of fair sharing has been high on PDT agenda.

For the life of me, unless the people controlling the purse strings are complete idiots (great possibility) I can not understand their mentality. They are like the high fliers in corporate America that live on their company’s credit card. They eat in the best places, stay at the Four Seasons and fly 1st cabin. If they were paying out of their own pockets, they would dine @ Mickey D’s, staying @ Motel 6 and fly coach. It is not their money, so they do not care.

The countries that the USA has been protecting for zero are laughing their ass off at the stupidity of our country’s leaders.  Over the years, the USA has become the laughing stock of the world and as I see it, they are right.

Regardless of what the Chinese and Russian leaders say, they want the bottom to drop out and unfold between the USA against, Syria, North Korea and Iran. When the dust settles and the ashes cool off, they will waltz in with a big loaf of Italian bread and mop up all the sauce in the dish and collect the spoils.

I know that THIS THING is bigger than anyone can imagine and I don’t know if there is going to be a peaceful solution. I really doubt it. With so many war-mongering maniacs on the lose, sooner then later, the red button is bound to be pushed.


Without question, because of commitments we have made to other countries around the world to protect them, for years we have been swimming in a sea of alligators and it is just a matter of time before we get gobbled up.

We have made major financial commitments to Israel, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia just to mention the major recipients of our ridiculous generosity. What it has cost the USA through the years to keep them safe? The cost has to be incalculable. I am in complete agreement with PDT; if these countries want our protection, the must come up shooting with the $oldi.

I can not even begin to calculate what it has cost the USA to protect Saudi Arabia over the years.  When the shit hit the fan with Iraq and the USA asked to use their landing facilities, they turned their camel asses to us. That is how our false friends return the favors.

Furthermore, Riyadh refused to let American planes take off on ground-attack strikes from its airfields during the Iraq war, because it would look as if Saudi Arabia was backing an attack on fellow Muslims – a restriction that irritated US military commanders.

This is what I consider a monumental stab in the back to the USA after all we have done for that country. BUT what does the USA do again and again; turn the other cheek. Why would anyone or any country be that foolish you ask?  It is all about clandestine relationship and the buck bucks.


A picture says a thousand words.

Very interesting article:

What has the USA gained in ALL of the conflicts we have been in since WW II, except trillions of lost dollars, and more importantly, 100’s of 1,000’s of dead, wounded and crippled service people. It has all been about the money and back-door whore deals.

This is a great example of the insensitive mentality of some of the people that have been at the helm. I think Cheney tops them all.


According to Dick Cheney:

Cheney has no regrets: ‘I would do it again in a minute’

When we have people like Cheney at the helm, that have unlimited power and control; it makes for a very dangerous environment. The guy is actually venomous. How can anyone in their right mind, seeing the aftermath of the wars he was instrumental in starting , say with a good conscience; I would do it again in a minute?

ALL of the conditions that exist today with our enemies and terrorists across the globe are a direct or indirect result of the illegal ‘greedy actions GWB and Cheney took.

The average Joe Blow and Jane Blow citizens will never know the extent of the illegal activities that go on day to day in our government. THIS THING is bigger than anyone can imagine.

My main consideration and focus throughout my life has always been: TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN FIRST AND CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME!! This formula is something, at least until PDT sat into the Big Chair, has not been a top priority with-in our government.

All in all, it is a gigantic web that the world is snared in and looks mighty grim. Just how far will the diplomacy go in an attempt to keep the lid on WW III? That is a very difficult question to answer.

As I see it; the only solution is; all of the free/democratic countries in the world have to ban together as a unit, dividing responsibilities and the cost of the operations equally, if there ever is a chance of ridding the world of the fanatics. If that does not happen, we all will be facing dire consequences.

BUT as always; actions are ONLY taken after the fact; invariably after it is too late.

Yesterday the Navy had an Iranian boat come with-in touching distance from it and had to fire a warning shot. They were fearful of getting rammed. Ladies and gents, all of this harassment by our adversaries is just a test to see how this administration is going to react to the games they are playing.

They got away with murder with the last guy to sit in the Big Chair.


Keep you eye on the hog and your finger on the trigger (don’t be afraid to pull it).

Violence should be detested and only used as a last resort. BUT; those who hesitate are lost!!

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