Don’t rush into anything fellas

Dangerous Drones

I see that the light has gone on in some the empty heads of the decision makers in this country as to the dangers of drones.They are just starting to consider the dangers of the lethal toy and MAY- I said MAY act on it soon. The word soon in a politician dictionary maybe 8 – 10 years from now.


One example:

When does the BIG PUSH in this country come to repair some of the decaying bridges that so many of us citizen take our lives in our hands by going across them on a daily basis? Only after one of them has collapsed and killed a dozen or more people. WELL!!


I have done at least 6 – 8 posts on the potential dangers of the mini-monstrous flying machines. It is just a matter of time before one of the nuisances will be used for nefarious purposes by terrorists  or some other wack  jobs looking for an easy way to take out a few 100 people or take down some buildings. There have been several attempts to use them but none have resulted in any significant damage or injuries; SO FAR!!

I cannot believe the efficiency or the tunnel vision of the people on top as to the possibilities and seriousness of terrorist used drones. It seems to me that they ONLY react after the fact and rarely before a catastrophic event.

I am very surprised that drones have not been used by the terrorist in this country and around the world at any significant level. It is just a matter of time.

I still maintain; for all drone enthusiast there should be designated areas set up where they can be used in a recreational manner. But any day to day usage should be restricted only to law enforcement and Military purposes.–theyre-dangerous-and-they-must-be-regulated/

Let us not forget folks; the August break is coming for the parasitic politicians in DC. We would not want to over-tax their work-load and force them into making a decision that really makes sense.

Unless I am wrong; they will wait until they are forced to make a move. Being proactive makes too much sense. Par for their course.

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