What does it take??


Colorado appeals court rules scent of marijuana not enough to search vehicle

A Colorado appeals court ruled Thursday that the possible presence of marijuana in a vehicle, detected by drug-sniffing dogs, does not give police the authority to search the vehicle.

What if – What if – What if a cop stops a car and sees the passenger is shooting up? Would that be  reason enough to constitute a legal search?  Where does the ignorance of some judges end?

The liberal-ignorant people running the court  system in some parts of the country are destroying all the elements it takes to keep crime under control. They want the cops to keep a lid on crime but then they handcuffs their hands and legs throw them in a lake and expect them to swim.

If and when an arrest is made, not only in drug cases but in major crimes; the perpetrator is taken to court, many of the robe wearing fools let the criminal off with little time or no jail time at all.


How can the crime rate ever be brought under control if there are such feeble minded/liberal, robe wearing fools with a gavel in their hands, sitting behind the bench of justice; many of them not having having one ounce common-sense?

Are these fools really as ignorant as the portray themselves to be or do they want to get their 15 minutes of fame because of their ridiculous rulings.

'How could anyone possibly find a cutie like you in contempt?'

What is the solution to getting the court system back to where it should be? I don’t know if there is one, except to clear the benches.  Got to throw the fools off the bench and replace them with someone who has a little better concept of what the meaning of justice is supposed to be all about. The question is; are there any qualified ones out there?

I will add this example to the very long list of why the American people are their own worst enemies.


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