The train left long ago.

USA Today

America sees alarming spike in middle school suicide rate

Bend the tree when it is young

There are many reasons the kids today are taking what they think is the easy way out.

In my opinion, 98% of the characteristics kids develop begin at home,  starting at a very early age.  If their parent are bums, there is a very good chance the kids also will be bums. When someone lives with a cripple, sooner or later they will develop a limp. Good examples and discipline set by parents (if the kid has a set of them) are the building blocks to responsible, stand-up future citizens.

Next in line for the development chain is, who the kids hang around with. It would be a much better world if ALL the parents had something between their ears.

It is almost impossible for a decent kid to come out of a dysfunctional family. It is almost impossible for a decent  kid to come out of a crowd of bums they hang around with.

Peer pressure and the desire to be accepted by other kids  has tremendous consequences behind it.  Hanging with the wrong crowd as we can see is sometimes a death sentence. These very foolish young people feed off of one another’s tendencies and bad habits. The are like clones and robots. The influence and pressure put on the kids that are followers instead of leaders is unbelievable.

Because so many kids today have grown up in such dysfunctional surroundings, they think that their situations are normal. Some never have a good role model to emulate, they are never given or taught what responsibilities are, they do not want to work, there is no structure in their lives, they get involved in boozing and drugs at a very young age and those are for starters. Very sad picture isn’t it.

Based on all of those examples, how the hell can we expect any kid to grow up decent and wholesome? It used to be that these adverse conditions were the exception not the rule. In our so-called progressive/modern society, we are on a very fast track going to other direction.

People are dumbfounded when I tell them; I NEVER knew of ANYONE that was on drugs when I was growing up. And YES; I came from a very tough neighborhood where no one was pampered or sheltered.

What I would like to see the boulder rollers/politicians on all sides of the fence do, put most of that wasted effort they are expending and their finances that they seems to have plenty of, into helping the kids in this country grow up responsibly by setting up social programs. Issues like that are not important to them. The only thing that moves a politician/boulder rollers is publicity. No one in this country gives a shit about the wayward kids, if they did, they would be doing things positive to turn around this run-away train.

We should be not looking at today or yesterday, we should be looking 5 or 10 years down the road. If we think the kids, our future leaders, are in bad shape now, Batman said; the best is yet to come!!

It is a real shame that our entire world is consumed by just trying to exist with all of the terrorists, street gangs activity, countries that are trying to take down freedom and democracy. Those conditions have to weigh heavily on the younger kids. Can we even imagine what kind of world we all could live in if there were not these fanatics governing the world.  It isn’t saying much for mankind.

We were a lot better off when, the biggest sin a cavemen committed was pulling around one of his women by her hair.


I hate to be a crape-hanger BUT, always the BIG BUT; if extreme steps are not taken immediately to correct the problems such as suicide and drug use our future leaders are caught up in; in less then 20 years, this entire world will be in a turmoil as we have never witnessed before.

Inch by inch – foot by foot – yard by yard and mile by mile; until we are past the point of no return. We may have passed that milestone already.

Out of control situation are NEVER resolved by a politicians point of view. Ultimately, the governments must step in and take some decisive actions to help salvage our kids. By the looks of it; many of them are not getting any guidance from anywhere else.


Shamefully; the politicians caught up in this vicious verbal war attempting to dig up dirt on one another. And we have a man sitting in the Big Chair that feels tweeting instead of putting his efforts elsewhere is more productive. I disagree with him.

It is time for a complete reform but it will never happen.

A cease-fire between all parties concerned to stop this juvenile nonsense has long passed. WAKE UP CHILDERN.

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