See how nice the kids play!!!


Shock as teens arrested for alleged sex assault that thousands watched on Facebook live

Alleged always makes me laugh. These fools video taped themselves. 

In the last few years, there has been a few new things/pastimes added to the list of activities for the poor, neglected, misunderstood kids to keep them occupied with their spare time. Being part of a new modern, lazy, culture and having so much spare-time on their hands, they have to find new things to keep them occupied. Many of them have no idea of what getting a job means or have any intentions of doing so. Like our politicians, work it is their new four letter word. What is the old cliché; we teach by example?

Added to their list of activities to keep them entertained is; kidnapping, sexual assault and video taping the dastardly deed for posterity, wanting their 15 seconds of fame and demonstrating their evilness and stupidity.


The terrible threesome seem to compliment one another.  A cry baby – white trash – and the dude that thinks he is a bad ass.

Three Mississippi teens are facing kidnapping and sexual assault charges in connection to a video that was recorded on Facebook Live and was watched by thousands.

The dirt bags shot the video in a restroom where they kidnapped a women and demanded she perform oral sex on one of the male porn stars while the other watched, cheered the attacker on and recorded the assault.

As the kidnapped women pleaded with her captors; it can be hear on the tape one of the degenerates saying;  “She ain’t going home” and that the woman is going to perform the sexual acts “until her throat swells up.” 

It may even surprise me that the poor little misunderstood brats did not go the whole route and kill her. It has happened before.

All three of the criminal Rhode Scholars were not smart enough to assume their crime would be broadcast to the entire world on the most dangerous media in existence, Facebook.

Facebook is just one of many examples of  other products/innovations of our modern society that where very well intentioned when they were first introduced to the public. But as happened many times before, turned the other way. Could mankind have existed without so many of these dangerous entities? You bet we could have.

The list is endless. Is this what we should call moving forward? As I have repeated so many times before; I will take the good old days anytime. 

Many times payback can be a bitch. I am sure that the terrible threesome have a group of gangbangers waiting for them at the prison gates to show them what getting molested and assaulted really feels like.


Wanna be famous; you got it!!!

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