New conspiracy theory


There is a slew of FOLKS out there working overtime on trying to connect foreign governments with interfering in the ELECTION OF ALL ELECTIONS.

Now we have a group of conservatives suggesting that Ukraine took BB’s side in an attempt to put the burn on Trump.  Is that all the best news these scavengers can come up with to report on?

UNLESS – UNLESS – UNLESS any of these foreign entities could physically have slipped into the voting booths or commandeer the final tabs and fixed/altered the count; how in the hell can they influence or change the outcome of the election?

To say that some governments would prefer one candidate over the other; I agree. BUT, what could they have done to change the count. Maybe buy off a few of the ballot counters? That is done every day.

There has been an unexplainable obsession created by the all of the media to execute anyone they can get their dirty little inked up fingers on.  I really don’t think, in the big picture, they care who they chop to shreds, as long as they are first out there with the story and have a victim. Journalism has turned into one dirty business, almost or possible, if that is possible, eclipsing politics.


I hear through the my international snoops, many of the news agencies are focusing their attention on a breaking story. Groups of the midgets/little people from foreign countries infiltrated the USA last October. They were dispatched all over the country by enemies of the people and slipped into the voting booths undetected to rig the machines.


According to my credible source, they were all paid big money, first class transportation, 5 star hotel accommodations to try and turn the election inside out.

LITTLE did they know, the USA did not need any help screwing up the election. They had it covered without any outside assistance.

The Goomba Gazette, through it’s international connections got the long and the short of the scoop before anyone else. If these facts can be substantiated, there is conversation, the entire election will be thrown out.

I am anxious to see how fast this rumor is circulated. It makes about as much sense as the rest of the preposterous hypotheticals.

Can we even begin to imagine what kind of accomplishments could be made in more need-worthy areas if the Fools on the Ship from all sectors would direct their efforts in more logical/productive directions.

Rumor has it …….


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