Has PDT learn anything …..

I love old saying; some of them are so appropriate in many situations.

The one that comes to mind under these circumstances is; NEVER DEFECATE WHERE YOU MASTICATE; or something like that.

By PDT getting his family so intimately involved in his presidency, I think is a big mistake. I don’t care if they are getting paid or not.  To me it is very inappropriate and opens up the president too much unneeded criticism. He doesn’t need anymore then he generates himself.

There are some people in this world that learn by other people’s mistakes and some that learn by their own; I don’t think PDT falls into either category.

One example. If he did GET IT, he would have put Tweety Bird in the cage, lock the door and throw away the key a long time ago. His obsession to tweet has risen to a very unacceptable  and dangerous  levels but he still will not take the good advice of locking that bird up.


Back to the family. PDT should do as he said he was going  if he got elected. Turn his personal business dealings over to the family. That should occupy them sufficiently to keep them out of the political spot light.

The beating PDT has taken since he had his hand on the bible is so intense; I don’t know if he can keep this pace up for 3.5 more years. It has been brutal. Almost like the Philistines troops going against Goliath without David.  His odds of one man whipping the world are not very favorable.  At least if he would take the advice of some of his advisors and give up this war of words  with the Boulder Rollers, he may live to see the finish line.

In PDT’s defense,  he is a great patriot.  I think his ambitions and motives are all for the betterment of the USA but, he is going about it the wrong way. He has to learn how to bend but not break and as difficult as it is, ignore the Boulder Rollers. # 3, figuratively speaking, close the Casa Bianca’s doors to his family.

I know it is Tweedy!! Just sounds better as Tweety.


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