Burger King??? or is it Burger Prince??

Huffington Post

Donald Trump Jr. Maintains He Didn’t Tell His Father About Meeting With Russian Lawyer

Way back when; Burger King was the sole user of the word Whopper for selling it’s product. Now it seems that DTJR is muscling in on the Kings territory by tell his own WHOPPERS.

If anyone thinks that PDT does not know when anyone in his kingdom passes gas, they are very foolish.

For JR to tell the WHOPPER that his old man did not know about the meeting with the Russian is very hard to believe.  It may be possible but not probable.

Just like any good ruler, the King of their kingdom know exactly what is happening at all times. Just AXE Richard Nixon.

Although it is very difficult to tell the truth when someone is caught with their hand in the cookie jar to deny it; it has ALWAYS been proven, honesty is the best and least painful policy.


In my opinion, Jr. is not coming clean.




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