Those who live in fragile domiciles

FOX News

David Letterman: ‘Figure out a way’ to remove Trump from office

The ironic thing about the majority of the anti-Trump Boulder Rollers; take a good look at who they all are and tell me if there is one ounce of credibility between them.

Letterman – Baldwin – Madonna – Jackson –  Sawed off head wack job, the late night comedians; the list is endless. If we put all of the brains together, there would not be enough brain matter to fill up a thimble.

The fools that support these fools are like the other fools that would attend Dice Clay’s performances, purposely sit in the front row, so the Clay man would degrade their wives and the fools would laugh about it and applaud.  Same-O-Same-O!!

I look at this fool Letterman and the rest of the Ship of Fools and ask myself; who the hell are they to bust anyone’s balls? Those who live in fragile domiciles …..

Some of them are the worst excuses for role models and human beings on the planet.

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All the fools like Letterman are doing is pissing up a rope. There is no way that Trump will ever be impeached.

If in fact PDT had committed an infraction of the law that so severe it was an impeachable offense; we would not, as Letterman puts it; figure out a way to get remove him from office. It would be as clear as the nasty looking beard on the senile comedian’s face what the infractions were and would not require Sherlock and Watson to figure it out. It would be elementary. 


Give it a rest Davy and the rest of the boulder rollers. Take a good look in the mirror before you criticize anyone.


Thanks Art. Could not have said it better.

If the criticism of PDT is justified; by all means, let it out. It is uncalled for being in the manufacturing business.

Let me ask the Boulder Roller a question. How many times did you piss your pants when you were a kid??  I did dozens of time, but I will admit it.


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