Isn’t that the name of the game; digging up dirt?

Politicians react to Trump Jr.’s emails about meeting with Russian lawyer

I must be missing something??  During one of the most blood and guts, free for all elections ever, where everyone was  called everything but a white man; from both sides, the name of the game was to get as much dirt on the opposition as possible; by any means necessary.

There were 100’s of millions of dollar$ spent by new agencies and other Boulder Rollers trying to dig up dirt on The Donald. On the other side of the coin; The Donald spent a few rubbles trying to deep 6 BB.

Trump Jr. had a relationship with a Russian lawyer that said the Russians had some very incriminating information about BB (Bill’s Bride) that they would love to pass on to Jr. Jr. said he would love to hear it.  Am I still missing something? Why not??

Did the Trumpsters pay off anyone to conjure up some fake news about BB? In my opinion, there was enough dirt hanging over that lady’s head at the time of the election, was a little bit more going to make a difference? NOT!!

The people that supported her are out of the same mold as OJ/Orenthal’s jury. They knew damn well he was guilty as sin but gave him a pass because of who and what he was. In both cases, I see a great disregard for justice.

This woman would know the truth if it came up and bit her in the keaster. She is so used to lying, and admitted to it, she can not separate a lie from the truth.

These videos were only the tip of the iceberg. They do not even scratch the surface of what transpired and probably still does with-in the infamous Clinton Foundation.

I am not naive enough to believe that PDT has never crossed the legal line or stepped on anyone’s toes to get where he is today. BUT, always the BIG BUT; if we were to stack up the Clinton’s life time improprieties against Trump’s; they make him look like a petty crook/novice.

If I were in Trump’s shoes during the election and someone from any country came to me with CREDIBLE evidence of wrong doing concerning BB and Company; why should I not take it and run??

I still do not have the least inclination of what the Boulder Rollers are going to do even if they do find PDT has some soiled shorts? They will never impeach him.

I would love to have an agency keep an ongoing, combined record of all the man hours and $oldi spent by all of the Boulder Rollers trying to run PDT out of town. When it is all said and done; it has to reach 100’s of millions of dollar$; all wasted in vein.

As long as illegal allegations can be proven beyond a shadow of doubt, I say, regardless of what the source is and  who they are leveled at, bring it on.



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